Thursday, August 11, 2022

Wargames Atlantic 28mm Boxers


the front of the box

       Fresh from Michigan Toy Soldier Company's shelf is this box full of Boxers!  Molded in medium gray plastic and cleanly cast without a trace of flash and limited mold lines these figures are a demonstration of what plastic miniatures can provide to the hobby. Crisply detailed, loaded with options and rich with posing choices it would be a small matter to assemble a vast number of these figures without having two of the same. With some careful use of the available options these miniatures could be used as far back as the 1800's and right up into the Second World War. At about a dollar each they are quite a deal as well.

the rear, I'm glad to see that they are using pictures of the painted minis

the contents, six identical frames

but those frames are jam-packed with options, Side A

Side B

and not just options, but crisply cast details, 
look at the basket-weave detail on the shield

the poses are dynamic without being unbalanced or cartoonish,
 the clothing flows naturally over the bod, absolutely top-rate work by the sculptor

of course you get a wide choice of heads,
 again look at the detail on the shield
I love the delicately cast Mauser C-96 (and the HUGE sword)

the Hanyang 1888 rifles are recognizable 

and the bamboo shafts of the pole-arms are finely detailed 

       All in all a very useful set. A great choice for army building as well as skirmish games. This set can be used outside the stated period  by about sixty years plus or minus and provides a TON of spare parts that can be used to modify other figures. If the store had more in stock I would likely have ended up with three boxes instead of one! These are soo good that I am looking at my lumpy old metal Boxer force and thinking that I might be in for a bout of replacement painting.

        Very highly recommended. 

        Buy some. 



  1. Thanks for posting this review. Unfortunately it somewhat confirms my major disappointment with the set in being overwhelmingly a boxer era and early 20th century box. You might be able to salvage something from the coolie hat and turban heads as far as Taiping/Bandit use, but it'll still take a bit of putty work. For this box to be a winner it would have needed Taiping head options, muskets and archery equipment options to allow for Taiping rebellion use. I honestly don't get why ANYONE would game Boxer Rebellion when Taiping rebellion offers so much more.

  2. I like the look of those. With bit of conversion work they'd be great for the Back of Beyond

  3. I love this kit and i am looking forward to building more than a few boxes to use for numerous games.