Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pro or Con Battle report

     For the first time in ages I chose not to run a game at Pro or Con. This left me free to play in a couple of games and spend some time checking out the dealers and the flea-market (bring & buy for you Brits out there). Rather than try to pick and choose between the many good games and dozens of photos that I took I have decided to break the report up into a few separate posts.

   I had the pleasure of playing in Ray Bramer's World War One trench attack game. I have always enjoyed Ray's games that he brings to the con; nice effective terrain and hordes of well-done minis combined with a simple, easy to play rule set that gets things going right away and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the last turn. This game did not disappoint. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

the set-up, 
the Germans thought there was too much open ground,
the Brits despaired at the quantity of cover,
that means it was just right

the Germanic hordes

more of the same

the German right advances

the German left got tangled up in the ruins of a church and felt the wrath of a Lewis gun

What price Glory?

the extreme left of the Germans piling on in spite of casualties

"By Gum , that's a lot of Jerries!"

random shells fell during the game, providing further cover for the advancing storm-troopers

a second wave of Germans pushed past the ruined church

at long last the German LMGs get into range

even more Germans push through the woods and church heading for the British trenches

a close-up of the German grenadiers closing into range

"as lang as the gun dunna jam we'll keep 'um away Sarge!"

things are grim when the CO pitches in as a loader for the Lewis gun

the much-thinned line of Germans just keeps advancing

another horde bursts forth from behind the church (there must be a spawn-point there)

the Germans close to grenade range (this did not go well for the Brits)

the Brits stand firm but the line grows thinner by the moment

with the Vickers and the Lewis guns knocked out 
the Germans can now approach the trench line intact

"Over the Top" and things are going from bad to worse for the Brits

not a man left to hold the Brit left flank, 
and German grenadiers move toward the center

"Bobby, Horatio, it is just us now, be good lads and do your country proud"

     Thanks for a great game Ray!

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