Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pro or Con battle report, Crimean War

      Brad Northrop brought his Crimean War 28mm game the con, and it was a pretty thing indeed! I wasn't able to participate as I was involved in another game but I did get some pictures. Enjoy!

one of the last European wars where they used flags,
I miss flags

very simple but effect terrain

a good looking battle table

lots of nicely painted figures

a hard day for the Russian gunners

the British cavalry strike

      Well done Brad! A most impressive game. Thanks for hosting the game. Gasmemasters are the lifeblood of these cons and should be appreciated.


  1. Super nice looking game:) My son and I are doing a 15mm Crimean war I hope one day we can have as many Painted:) Could you tell me the rules you used? Thank you from Dave in Va. USA

    1. It was quite some time ago, but from the look of the game, I would think that it was They Died For Glory......which is actually a set of Franco-Prussian rules