Thursday, October 6, 2011

Plastic Soldier Company SDKFZ 251 1/100 15mm

    Once again Plastic Soldier Company has come across with a workhorse vehicle to add to their growing range of wargaming models. The SdKfz 251 served on every front that the German army was engaged on (possible exception; Norway) an was built in huge numbers. This is the vehicle that everyone thinks of when they hear "German Panzergrenadiers", it is simply iconic. I got mine from Michigan Toy Soldier Company today and shot right home to snap some pictures. Needless to say it is a beauty, and comes with a crew (this might not be as happy a news for some, the figures are true 1/100 scale rather than the blobby 15mm size that lead figure companies tend to make). On to the pictures, click on the pictures for a larger view.

good box-art

I think they could have a step further than this for painting instructions

the contents, five sprues all alike

this might become a pet peeve, 
to call these instructions crude would do cruel disservice to the word,
the odd part is that they are well-printed on top-quality clayed paper

on the other hand the model is simply beautiful, oh the front of the sprue

and the back looks every bit as good

the crew, very nice

hull and stowage details

tracks and wheels

the MG gunner and more stowage

backpacks, a neat touch and well done indeed

     At $30.00US a box these are an excellent deal and great models as well, if you are doing Panzergrenadiers at any point in the war you will need a dozen or so of these so stock up on these, you won't go wrong. I am withdrawing my complaint about the lack of decals, few (if any) of the lead or resin models that I buy come with them so I can hardly expect these to do so..........but a simple sheet of national marking would certainly be nice.

     Very Highly Recomended,   John

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