Friday, October 7, 2011

Wargames Factory War of Spanish Succession Cavalry 28mm plastic

     The new Wargames Factory plastic cavalry are out, just arrived at Michigan Toy Soldier the other day. In the flesh (plastic?) they look even better than the pictures on the website. Molded in a smooth medium gray plastic this kit offers a ton of permutations and will generate a pile of spare parts for you extras bin. The boys at WF decided to include all of the parts you might want to cover nearly every cavalry type in the 1690-1720s era, they have provided different heads, torsos and weapons so that you can build everything from dragoons to lobster-potted cuirassiers. In one box they have taken care of all but the most arcane mounted troops, a decision that makes stocking (for your local retailer) and buying (no need to decide now if you want Horse or Dragoons, you get to decide when you build them) a lot easier. Now on to the kit, as usual click on the picture to get a larger view.

the box-art is improving,
but they still won't win any awards for marketing

the contents, the bases are a neat addition

side A of the horse sprue

side B of same

side A of the rider sprue

side B of same

heads and arms, lots of them,
I can see these ending up on all sorts of other figures

close-up of heads, excellent characterization

weapons assortment, tons of spares

    This set really does provide the gamer with the resources to build Horse troopers from nearly any regiment that served in the early wars of the Age of Reason. Some minor quibbles, the horse's head has a very blocky jaw, the horse is a tad small for a cuirassier mount (but OK for Horse and Dragoons) and the horse furniture may need modification to suit certain regiments. That aside, I can say that I will be buying more of these in the near future to go with my infantry.

   Highly Recommended!     John

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