Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just In; Wargames Factory Greek Heavy Hoplites 28mm

      Hot off the presses and into Michigan Toy Soldier (and thus into MY hands) is the new box of Greek Heavy Armored Hoplites from Wargames Factory.  With a better than average box art I almost noticed when I walked into the shop. It contains parts for 30 figures with loads of extra bits.There are enough square plastic bases included to mount all the figures so they would be useable for WAB of Hail Caesar.  Let us examine the contents of the box;

O.K.,   I guess we will start with the box art

The contents of the box, more tiny sprues 

front and back of the main torso sprue

crisp detail and good proportions

you will also get a pile of these single sprues as well

heads, I seem to have gotten nine sprues

facial detail is good, tough to do in a closed helmet like this

Shields, not quite as good as Immortal Minis, but very good all the same


arms, good proportions, crisp detail 

the spears

     These are very good models and are all armed in the classical style, the sort of fellows who saw off the Persian Empire until Alexander showed up to take the fight to Asia. At $20.00US a box for thirty minis you can now afford to build the huge hoplite armies of the classical era, combined with the Immortal minis figures you should be able to generate large forces with few identical figures.

     Highly Recommended,        John


  1. How do they compare size-wise with Immortal's plastic Hoplites?

  2. I will be doing a side-by-side in the near future, they are pretty close and could probably be used in the same unit with little difficulty.

  3. Weapons looking really interesting. It might be made from plastic. I have also made few sword from cooper. I will show out them at this place as soon.