Friday, September 16, 2011

Building the Zvezda Opel Blitz 1/100 15mm

     Continuing in my decision to build the Zvezda Snap-Tight kits by "snap" alone I turned my attention to the Opel Blitz kit. I must say that this model really is very good, the parts fit is superb and the delicacy of the casting work is amazing.

box art

the "Opel Blitz" symbol on the radiator is visible

When first confronted with this odd collection of bits I was concerned that there would be little chance of it going together wiothout some serioud gaps

but it went together exactly and easilt
the fit of the parts was amazing

the completed cab

details of the undercarraige, be careful when pushing the wheels on these are delicate

the cab waiting for the chassis to be assembled

the rear wheels are duals, the inner wheel has the dished side facing the frams and the flat side facing the other wheel

the front axel was very tight, I chickened out and trine the shaft down a little to ease the fit

the suspension units ready to go onto the frame

I would suggest putting the bed cradle and fenders on first 

 then the axels
rear veiw

everything fit fine

the box and tilt

there are three pins that connect the box to the chassis, the fit is tight be careful

     This kit was built using no glue, the tightness of the fit concerned me at times, but once it was assembled it was solid as a rock. I think that you could build a whole collection of these models and really not need glue, they are that finely designed and cast. The models looks great as well.

Very Highly Recommended,    John

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  1. thanks for the review, I'm thinking about adding about 10 of these to my SS panzer grenadiers