Sunday, September 4, 2011

Zvezda Gaz truck kit review 1/100 15mm

     I got this little beauty from Michigan Toy Soldier a little while ago. This truck is the  same kit a the Katyusha model but has a box-bed in the back instead of the rocket-launcher array. The detail work is very good, the kit is molded in dark green hard plastic. Everything that I said about the Katyusha model applies to this kit, the precise delicate molding and easy assembly will certainly make this a popular model.

the chassis, side A

the chassis, side B

the bed, side A

the bed, side B

      Another beauty from the Zvezda line.

     Highly Recommended.     John

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  1. From the Zvezda website it looks like they will be releasing a Pz-38t light tank in the near future!