Friday, September 2, 2011

Zvezda KV-1 kit review 1/100 15mm

     Continuing their list of early war vehicles Zvezda has released another excellent kit in the shape of a KV-I. This was the first truly successful Soviet heavy tank and it served throughout the war. This kit seems to capture the bulk and mass of this early monster. Cast on two sprues (which gives hope that Zvezda will also cast a KV-II) in superb detail this is another happy addition to Zvezda's growing line of 1/100 scale models.
Click on the pictures for a larger view

the box art on the new models is excellent

the rear of the box has the assembly instructions

lower chassis, side A

lower chassis side B

track and bogey-wheel details

upper hull and turret, side A

upper hull and turret, side B

upper hull details,
the unevenness seen in the left side of the casting is a color variation in the plastic,
 the surface is smooth

the turret

     Frankly I am running out of superlatives to heap on Zvezda models so let me simply say this; it is up to the usual standard of Zvezda kits.

     Very Highly Recommended,  John


  1. thanks for the review Anton, I may do EW Soviet if the models are that quality (and cheap!)


  2. Braxen,

    The Zvezda kits are real beauties (as you can see above) they also go together very well. In the Detroit MIchigan area they are less than $5US each. I hope that Zvezda also releases the other kits they are currently doing in 1/72 as 1/100 soon, I could really use some more 45mm and 152mm guns.