Saturday, September 24, 2011

First look at the Zvezda Panzer IV 1/100 15mm

     I wandered into my local hobby shop, Michigan Toy Soldier Company, the other day and found that the Zvezda Panzer IV uasf D had arrived. I of course needed to buy one for review and promptly secured it. This is another early war kit that can also be used in the Polish and French campaigns as well as the Western Desert through the Fall of Tunisia. As is to be expected it is a snap-together kit and is precisely cast in a medium gray plastic with no flash and few mold-lines. To enlarge click on the picture.

decent box-art

complete assembly instructions

side A of turret sprue

side B of turret sprue

turret details, very nice

hull sprue side A

hull sprue side B

     It looks very good, I can't wait to put it together .

     I will give this the Very Highly Recommended even before I build it.

     At $5.00US this is also a great deal.                  John


  1. I don't do early war, but these models look so easy to assemble with nice details. When I'm done with LW, maybe I'll be tempted.

    thanks for the review

  2. Keep in mind that they are very reasonably priced as well, in FoW you could do a 1500 point Medium Panzer company for less than $50US! And you could most likely get it built in a weekend.