Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pro or Con, Some general shots

    Here are some general shots of the Con, they are not really sorted or anything. I am not sure what the "local" cons elsewhere are like as I have only ever been to the ones in and around Metro Detroit. This takes place in the facilities of the University of Michigan Dearborn Campus. A clean,well-lit, temperature-controlled facility that can comfortably accomodate the games and dealers. There is loads of free parking and easy access off of State Highway M-39 (that is the Southfield Freeway for you locals). The Pro or Con group works very hard twice a a year putting these cons together and I heartily commend them for their efforts.

the DBA tourney in progress

a shot of the main hall

a part of the flea-market 
(the US equivalent of the Bring & Buy, for our British cousins)

another part of the flea market,
 items are left by the owner with the prices a note to the effect of "contact Bob Jones" 
in all the years I have been attending there has only been one instance of something being "lifted" from this that I know of

I am told that this is rife with significance,
why, I know not

the program did not list this Close Action game....
I have always like the elegant look of the models

this sprawling Hunt for Osama game features a scratch-built village,
put on by Michael Harris it was loaded with neat details and "innocent" civilians

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