Monday, November 28, 2011

Building the Plastic Soldier Company Sdkfz 251c

     Today we will take a look at building the PSC Sdkfz 251c, you can see my review of the kit here. The model went together without a hitch and none of the track issues that came about with the tanks models (not that they were a problem, they just weren't made clear in the "instructions"). For once the assembly instructions were adequate to the task. I must comment on the precision of the casting and the near total lack of warping and flash, the company casting these models does a fine job and should be commended.

the chassis and suspension parts

the tracks cannot be assembled the wrong-way-round (I tried, just to be sure)

the wheels are a tight fit, be careful to avoid stressing the axle during assembly

the axle pops into place (and yes, I use tube cement)

the chassis and suspension ready for the armored hull

the lower half of the armored hull and the crew and stowage bins

the stowage bins sit on the mudguards,
you will have to eyeball it, there aren't any locating pins

the crew fit snugly into position

the bench seats lean back toward the outside,
don't try to assemble them so they are level (as I tried),
 they really do lean back quite a bit

the seat backs are next

the hull top is next,
this is where most kits have problems with fit as the top often warps

on this model the top fits flawlessly,
on second thought I should have painted the vehicle crew before assembly

accurate and finely detailed, the MGs require some care when removing from the sprue

the finished model, a little quick clean-up and it will be ready for paint

it certainly captures the look of the original

     All in all this is a dead-easy model to assemble and is very nicely done. The price and speed of assembly make it a match for the Zvezda kit. I would be happy to have either in my army.

     Very Highly Recommended,   John

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