Sunday, November 27, 2011

Building the Zvezda Panzer 38t 1/100 15mm

    This was so simple and straight-forward it almost seems silly to do a post on it, but here we go anyways.
As we have become used to the kit is cleanly molded and in a box with excellent artwork.

first step was to free the parts from the sprue, all six of them

the upper and lower hull sections hold the mudguards between them

three pins on the sides of the lower hull hold the tracks in place

and the turret pops into place on top

a crisp, clean model that took about two minutes to build

     I am still not sure about the lack of rivets on the hull and turret sides, they were such an obvious  feature of the real vehicles (see this picture) that the total lack is somewhat disconecting. As a wargaming peice (which this unapologetically  IS) this is a fine model and I can recommend it without reservation.   John

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