Friday, November 4, 2011

Zvezda Panzer 38t 15mm 1/100 kit review

       Our Russian friends have produced another fine-looking model in their 1/100 scale early war series, the Czech-built 38t. This was a product of the Czech military and was a top-notch design when it entered service, in fact there are many that would say that the German Blitzkreig would have not been possible without the products of the Skoda works. Various versions of the tank were in service through1942 and the chassis was the basis for further designs all the way through the war.

     The kit is molded in a flash-free hard gray plastic and is a snap-together model, the plastic does take normal styrene glue however. The only real downside is that, in their efforts to produce a snap together model, they have cast the turret in one piece, this leaves the sides of the turret lacking the trade-mark rivets. Not a huge problem for me, but others may not be happy. Click on the pictures for a larger view.

box art, as always well-done

the usual hyper-complicated instructions

side A of the sprue

side B of the sprue

the turret

track details, up to the usual standards

the hull, delicately done

the turret from the other side

     This kit now makes the bevy of PZ 38t models that one needs for an early-war German army a lot more affordable. You could probably knock out an entire company in a short evenings work, and paint them the next day.

     Very Highly Reccomended,    John

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