Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dystopian Wars Prussian Fleet Near completion

     A couple of weekends ago we played Dystopian Wars, the rules are fast and fun and have an interesting take on "guns vs armor" resolution. After I got the hang of the rules it was fun. I have to admit that I was somewhat shamed by the shabby appearance of my models so I upgraded their look with additional work. There still is a long way to go before they are finished but I have made some progress. Click on the pix for a close-up.

the Blucher class dreadnought, a massive kit

the Prussian "Pocket Battleship", a lot of punch on a small hull

the cruisers come three to a box, they don't have names yet

Stolz class destroyers, fixed forward firing guns, they suit my style

Watcher class escorts

frigates, six to a box,
not dangerous individually but they come in swarms

not even two inches long!

the details just pop out

the level of detail is simply astounding

the tiny stairs and hatches are cool

the problem is that the details cry out for a paint-job that matches,
 something that I find difficult

this little model is less than two inches long

     The War Store carries these and has very reasonable prices. if you are into Steampunk/VSF they fit the bill very well and are fun to paint.

    Highly Recommended,    John


  1. Wow. Your level of detail is astounding! I'm going to have to up my game to get my CoA looking good. Crazy the level of detail on these models, eh?

  2. I am pretty sure that they are using CAD to create the virtual prototype and then using high-quality 3D printing to building the master for the molds. I just wish other manufacturers would catch on to this system!

  3. I just visited your site, very nice 20mm 1/72 models you have there. If you are looking for more 1/72 scale stuff I have tons-literally hundreds- of mid/late war kits that I could pass along to you very cheap (I have gone to 15mm now and don't think that I will be switching back). Do you mind if I link directly to your site? It would be an inspiration to other 20mm gamers.

  4. that last comment was for Sigwald.........