Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Victrix Austrian Landwehr 28mm

      Fresh from Victrix is the Austrian Landwehr, this completes their issue of 28mm Austrian infantry (I can only hope they do the artillery and cavalry in plastic as well). Crisply cast in a peculiar buff plastic you will get two sprues of command and seven of line troopers in each box. I grabbed these from Michigan Toy Soldier as soon as I spotted them ( I have plans for running a 28mm skirmish game set in the Tyrol and these will be the basis for my Tyrolean militia).

the front of the box

the back, some uniform ideas

complicated intructions and some very nice flags

the contents of the box

command sprue side A, very good horse, lots of spare heads

a closer look at the horse and the sword arms

at least one kiind of every hat worn by the Austrian army during the Napoleonic Wars!
the faces aren't bad either

I am not a big fan of the separate leg,
it leads to joint lines in areas that are difficult to putty and sand

more excellent heads

command sprue side B

the backs of the foot command figures

soldier sprue side A

soldier sprue side B

I love the giant silly hats and mustaches, the faces aren't bad

close up of the troops


muskets with attached hands
 (far better than trying to get an "open" hand to grasp a gun convincingly)

     This set a a "must have" for anyone playing Austrians in the 1809 or later campaigns. They are very cost effective and superb models as well. Don't let the number of parts put you off, these models are straightforward to assemble with a little plastic model cement.

    Very Highly Recommended,     John

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  1. Absolutely fantastic review! Thanks for putting in the time and effort, I'm pretty well sold on these sets.