Thursday, May 31, 2012

Book Review Napoleon's Swiss Troops

    Author; David Greentree and David Campbell
    Artist; Gerry & Sam Embelton
    ISBN: 978-1-84908-678-3

      Another period piece by Osprey this covers one of the more colorful units in the service of the Little Corsican. Contained in this volume you will find the usual potted history (thankfully devoid of the chronology  that often wastes valuable pages in so many Osprey books)  that traces the Swiss troops in French service from the Bourbons to the last days of the Empire. Backed up with comprehensive organization and uniform data this was a fun little book to read through and makes me want to dig out some of my (as yet) unpainted French 15mm figures and paint them up as Swiss, just so I can have some that aren't dressed in blue!  The artwork is up to the usual standards; crisp, clear, with vibrant colors and displaying the uniforms well. This is supported by a good number of period drawings as well as photos of existing uniforms.

     If you are doing French in the Age of Napoleon give yourself a treat and buy this book and paint some of these colorful troops.

     Very Highly Recommended;   John

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