Monday, May 14, 2012

Wargaming Convention; Drums Along the Rapids 19 May

      Held at the historic and picturesque Fort Meigs the HMGS Great Lakes will be hosting Drums at Fort Meigs. This is always a fun event and has the added bonus of being held inside a real War of 1812 fort, which is a treat in and of itself.

      Do try to attend it is well worth the trip!


  1. What an awesome setting for a wargames event. I wish I was back in Ontario, it would worth the drive to check it out. You must report on it with lots of pictures.

  2. Sadly I am unable to attend, a couple of people from our group will be going and (hopefully) taking pictures.

    Many years back (30+ or so) I belonged to a 54mm figure collectors club that met in Old Fort Wayne in Detroit. It was really cool mto be able to use a part of the historic fort as a venue. The host was Walt Keener who was also working as an historian for the Fort and we were granted free reign to explore. It was grand.

    Perhaps we should make an effort to tie gaming to other historic sites where possible, the public facilities may rent cheaper than a convention venue.....just a thought.

  3. Let us not go overboard, it is not THAT great a place. While it has a strong cool factor for a con, I can not see how it would not be a very tight fit if any significant numbers show up. It is in Ohio afterall. That Napoleonics game a few years ago was abomnible and I was on the winning side. But if I was down there I would show up.

    And of course let us not forget the 'pay-as-you-go extravaganza' of Michi-con June 22-23.