Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Building Bridges

      In these days of Trade Wars, Monetary Wars, Culture Wars and too many Real Wars wouldn't it be nice if everybody spent some time building bridges? Just an hour or so a day? I decided to do my part and descended into The Workshop and fired up my trusted friend Proxxie; inside of an hour we had built four bridges. Really, I don't see why this is so hard......on the other hand I don't see it solving too many of the world's problems either. But it did give me an hour's peace and distraction, so I guess that "all's well that ends well".
        This is how it all went down.........

as with most of my projects blueboard was involved

after cutting the underside arches I sketched out the shape of the sides that I wanted
I then cut these freehand (I am WAY out of practice)

I then sliced two thin sections off of the sides of the block
these will form the walls of the bridge

the next step was to turn the block on its side

and draw the road surface on outline

then I sliced off the excess thickness
you can see how bad my freehand work has become due to neglect

a spot of hot glue and the sides are back in place

rough cut bridge ready to go to the detail shop

this all took about ten minutes

I decided that the sides were too high on some so they got trimmed down

then I grabbed a wide-tip ball-point pen and started drawing on the bricks,
originally I was going to cut a zillion tiny stones and glue them on
 but I thought that I might want to do something with the rest of the summer

after I had started on drawing on the inside it occurred to me that it would have
 been easier if I had drawn the blocks before I glued the sides on

still it only took about ten minutes to get things sorted

the soldiers appreciate dry feet

28mm Wargames Factory Marlburians for size
I will make longer bridges next


  1. Creative and effective work on these bridges, nicely done!

  2. Nice tutorial and those came out really well. I imagine if you wanted a smaller scale you would do the same thing but in miniature. Or more miniature. You know what I mean. 😀