Saturday, March 7, 2020

Upcoming Gaming Conventions Battlefields 2020 7MAR20

7MAR20 Battlefields 2020
14MAR20 Wintercon 2020
15-16MAY20 Drums at the Rapids 2020

7MAR20 Battlefields   

       Opening next month we find that jovial bunch of fellows from Pro or Con are again hosting Battlefields on 7MAR20. Doors open at 8:30am and the show runs through midnight, a full day of gaming for only $10.00! They use Tabletop Events for player and GM registration so pop over to their site and take a look. The convention will again be hosted at the Elks Club (the bar is open after 1pm!!!) located at 31117 Plymouth Road, Livonia MI 48150. They have loads of free parking and it is easy access from the I-96 freeway.

14MAR20 Wintercon 2020

      Another "Army of One", Dave Durocher, will be the man behind this year's Wintercon 2020. He sent me the following email;

This is a call for miniature events for Metro Detroit Gamers annual winter convention:  Wintercon 2020
Date: Saturday, March 14, 2020.
Location:  The Oakland Center, Oakland University

Time Slots:  Convention hours are from 9:00AM until 11PM.  Doors will open at 8AM and you MUST be cleaned up and out of the building by11PM.  I will be flexible with the start/end times, but I would like the convention to have 3 major time slots 9AM - 1:30PM, 2PM – 6:30PM and 7PM - 11PM.  WE MUST BE OUT OF THE HALL BY 11PM.  I will gladly stagger a couple of games each session and let some run longer on a FIRST COME basis.   I plan on having 6-7 games per slot going.  We will have approximately 6-7 game stations of 3 tables each with a total gaming area of 7.5 feet by 8 feet for each game plus a floor area for naval engagements.  Let me know if you need more or less space.
I am looking for any type of game you want to run.  I will keep a running tab of game genre/period and let you know if your submission is one of many similar ones so you can reconsider running another game, but I will NEVER refuse your game based solely on this criterion.  This convention is primarily a place for you to show off your minis and terrain in a mixed genre convention and to run your battles the way YOU want them to be run!  My only request is that you try to have a minimum of 5 players and, unless you arrange a longer time slot than mentioned above, you try to finish and clean up at least a half hour before the next event is to start.  Note also that the evening session will only have ~ 4 hours, but I will gladly arrange any night games to start a bit earlier if necessary if more time is needed.  Also, let me know if you have any participant requirements (i.e. no kids, experience preferred, etc...)
If you are available and have a game that you want to run, please contact me ASAP at the following addresses or through our facebook group so I can schedule your game:
Drums at the Rapids  15-16May
          No info yet aside from the date, I went last year and it was a great time  
                   Fort website link 
                   HMGS website link (to 2019 info right now)


  1. Bummer I will be flying back from our Caribbean that day.. :(

  2. You might want to sort out that title. You have transposed the dates for battlefields and wintercon.