Wednesday, October 28, 2020

New to nobody but me, Pegasus Great War French Infantry


the front of the box
       At the request of The Housemartin I went looking for figures to represent the French in Madagascar at the time of Operation Ironclad. After examining options he picked the Pegasus WW1 French infantry set. To make enough troops to fill out his OOB I would need two boxes (there being forty figures in each box). I ordered these through Michigan Toy Soldier and had them in hand within the week. These figures are cast in a medium soft brown plastic that took detail very well. The figures display almost no flash and very little by way of mold lines. The only thing that gives me any reservation is that several of the figures are cast in multiple parts and will require gluing together, having dealt with Pegasus kits in the past I anticipate no problems but it does add an additional bit of work that the old Airfix and Revell kits did not demand.
the back of the box

somebody at the factory was very enthusiastic about putting the sprues into the box 
and bent the daylights out of the frame

fortunately the figures were unharmed by this violence

the frame will never be the same I'm afraid

the figures are nicely proportioned and properly equipped for 1917 and on

the warped frame made getting pictures nearly impossible

the sprue of arms and rifles came through unscathed

hoping to get some better photos I opened the other box,
the contents had been inserted by someone who was having a better day

at first I was baffled by the primitive instructions,
then I realized that there were no numbers on the sprues 

       After having a look at these figures I can say that they are much better detailed than the ancient Airfix kit and have better proportions and positions than the Revell minis, as such I would recommend them as an excellent choice for anyone looking for Great War French infantry in the period 1917-1918.

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  1. Or French Colonial troops in WWII. Or for that matter anything but a select few French troops in WWII as the Frogs only had 250,000 of the new MAS rifles made by the time the Sausage fans invaded in May of 1940. I seem to recall France fielding more than 250,000 troops, so for accuracy sake, most of their troops were still using the WWI guns as it was all they had available.