Friday, September 2, 2022

Going Goth, building the Wargames Atlantic Gothic Foot Warriors


the whole gang
        Having a little time on my hands while waiting for decals to set I decided to try my hand at assembling some Gothic warriors. A quick bit of snipping gave me a pile of parts to try fitting together. With five basic body poses and a huge choice of arms, weapons and heads it was easy to assemble ten completely distinct figures. As I was trying out poses it was quickly apparent that most of the arms would fit most of the bodies. It was a simple task to produce active and believable poses. One feature I particularly liked was the provision of an arm holding an arrow and a bent bow in the other so that I could build a figure with a drawn bow ready to launch an arrow.
my collection of archers

facing the other way
and the corresponding spearmen

the standard bearer and the man in charge 
(you can spot him, he is shouting and waving a sword)

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  1. I quite like the posing- active without being over-the-top dynamic.