Wednesday, September 21, 2022

The Return of the Space Squats, now with full photo survey of sprues!

Bastion Gaming Center has them in stock now $180US

        Games Workshop has finally brought back the dwarves for 40K. They have gained the much more dramatic title of "Leagues of Votann" (as opposed to the classic title "Squats") but they are the same short angry guys. My understanding is that their rules are so slanted that they are already being banned from competition play but my interest lies in the minis, not tournament nonsense. And some fine-looking minis they are! My only complaint is that they are probably a bit too much like tiny Space marines. The models are very well cast in the standard GW gray plastic with no flash and nearly no mold-lines. They are broken down into loads of tiny components which will ease posing and building different weapons load-outs, but may require very steady hands and might result in eye-strain looking at the tiny bits. But no more ado, lets take a close look at this boxed set.

front of the box

the back with a detailed breakdown of the contents and some very nicely painted minis

the packaging is very sturdy, an outer sleeve over a strong inner box
(with the obligatory dramatic artwork)

the other side of the inner box

sprues with yet more artwork

remove the art to find the codex, bases and cards

sprue A, side 1

sprue A, side 2

details sprue A

sprue B, side 1

sprue B, side 2


sprue C, side 1

sprue, side 2


sprue D, side 1

sprue D, side 2

sprue E, side 1

sprue E, side 2

sprue F, side 1

sprue F, side 2

sprue G, side 1

sprue G, side 2


some folks were asking about size, 
this is the best I can do without buying a box to assemble them
the back armor is about 1mm higher than the top of the figure's head 
so I'm going to go out on a limb and say the assembled dwarf is about 22mm tall




  1. Wow, only 35years too late for me. Now being a grey beard ( Games wiorkshop speak) too old to game with. Nice to see the new figures. Looking forward for more.

  2. $200 for 25 little Space Marines! :D

    Or you could give that money to Wargames Atlantic and get 144 minis that actually look like dwarves...

    1. Can't disagree with you on that. I am a HUGE fan of Wargames Atlantic products, dollar for dollar they are one of the best deals out there!

  3. $200 for 25 little space marines! :)

    For that money you could get 144 Einherjar from Wargames Atlantic that actually look like dwarves...