Saturday, September 17, 2022

Wargames Atlantic Goths; dressed to kill

        Well it certainly took long enough, but in my defense the weather has finally been nice in these parts and there was little motivation to spend time painting. These minis were painted in a mixture of Americana acrylics, Games Workshop contrast and shades with a touch of Vallejo here and there. I don't keep notes so I won't go into a play-by-play (and I'm sure you all have your own style and paint assortment). The figures were simple to paint, the detail is bold and crisp making them take paint well. My only quibble (and this is with almost every miniature manufacturer, either plastic or metal) shield rims should be distinct and probably overemphasized a bit. Painting circles is nigh unto impossible, painting a 1mm wide rim on a curved shield that is only 3/4" across is asking a LOT. Give us something to work with folks!

ready for the trip outside for a coat of matte finish
leaders and spearmen

facing to the right
thinned acrylics seem to do as good a job as the vastly more expensive GW contrast paints

and the left 
the colors are bolder in person, too much light during photography

the archers, 
I was surprised by the number of archers in Gothic armies 
so I went ahead and built more than half the box as archers

and facing to the left

one of the great advantages of multipart plastic figures is the ability change the dynamic of a mini
 just by simple alteration of the pose during assembly 
this fellow fumbles nervously for an arrow

while this guy confidently selects his next victim while drawing an arrow from his quiver

of course there is some guy waving a sword and pointing
(that way you know he is the Boss)

the detail on the cloak needs another drybrush of pale tan

the stoic standard-bearer 

the wind-sock standard will get more detail later
the Reikland Flesh Shade from GW over Americana Emperor's Gold 
works rather well together


  1. Outstanding work! What do you plan on using them for?

    1. They are set up for sabot bases so I can use them for big battle games like Hail Caesar or WRG, or I can use them individually for skirmish games. I hate painting so flexibility is crucial