Saturday, February 6, 2016

FlintCon 2016 6FEB16

Follow this link to the information page for Flintcon 2016, I missed last year's show but this looks promising! Located in St. Paul Lutheran Church just north of I-69 and just east of I-75 this has a good location and easy freeway access. There is a good selection of games and it is just ten collars for the day. Be There!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Blue board madness

         There are times when I don't seem sane (even to myself). One particular form of madness that afflicts me from time to time is a desire to build a model of my favorite fortification in the world: the Castillo de San Marcos in Saint Augustine Florida.

        So, there I was, sitting in my basement looking at a big pile of Blue Board and giving my trusty Proxxon hot wire cutter the side-eye. I had some time to burn and no particular plans. So I decided to try a little free-hand cutting.

      Then this happened.

not too bad for free hand work

Games at Spartacon 2016

I didn't take my usual round of photos but I did manage to snap some shots of a couple of games. One that was so pretty I was sad that the sign-up was full, another that wasn't scheduled but I was lucky enough to get into by happenstance and was every bit as good looking, but in a different way

Click on the pictures to get the full effect of how well done these figures and models are, don't waste time fiddling with your phone, get to a real computer with a big Hi Def monitor, it is worth it!

I managed to lose the bit of paper that I had written all the game-master info down on so please forgive me for not telling you who is responsible for this feast for the eyes

Friday, January 22, 2016

FoW The Great War at Michigan Toy Soldier

I am running a demo game of Flames of War, The Great War at Michigan Toy Soldier at 1pm on 23JAN16. If you want to give it a try, watch a game or just chat about things regarding the First World War drop on by, you will be more than welcome.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

28mm VSF Pre-Dreadnoughts at SpartaCon

The good people that host Spartacon each year were kind enough to allow me to run a game using my 28mm Victorian Science Fiction Pre-Dreadnoughts. The Lansing Center where SpartaCon is hosted has a very generous-sized room. This allowed me to run my 28mm Pre-Dreadnought game at the convention in a much larger space than even the dance studio had permitted. The scenario for this action was an all-out fleet engagement, a fight to the finish if you would.

I ran this game differently than most other naval games, the effect of fire was known only to the ship Captain of the vessel that was fired upon. The opposing captain was only told that his shells missed or that strikes were seen on the target vessel. Other players had to surmise what was going on by the appearance of splash markers on the playing surface.Players had to write movement orders in advance and the gamemasters moved the models (many thanks to J&R for his assistance in this matter). This kept an air of suspense as no player was certain of the results of his fire.

The French fleet: the Dupuy de Lome, the Charles Martel and the Nemesis (left to right).

The numerically larger, but rather more old-fashioned, German Fleet: 
the Panther and the Thor (the colonial squadron) in the foreground, 
the Seydlitz, the Blitz, the Gneisenau and the Donner in the distance, once again left to right.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Axis and Allies

The other weekend I finally convinced my wargames buddies to try a hand at Axis And Allies WW1. The game, as one would expect from this series, has excellent components and clearly written rules. The map took some getting used to but we settled right in after the first turn or so. The game mechanic where you can co-exist with enemy units in the same space really changed the feel and play of the game and gave a satisfyingly different pattern of game-play. As in reality the race is for the Central Powers to find a road to victory before the Americans decide to toss their hat in the ring and put and end to the nonsense in Europe. It is very easy for them to get over-extended in the East and find it difficult to return victorious troops to the West in time to exploit the success.

All in all we agreed that the game played fast and well and gave a very effective reflection of the strategic problems faced by both sides.

Recommended to any Great War fan

An intersting source of information on the War That Never Was

In one of my aimless ramblings around the interwebs I stumbled across a treasure trove this blog.

It seems to have everything related to The Cold War that one could desire. Take a look. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

J&R Quick Notes and Queries

Hey all, just putting out some some notes on what's going on, as well as a few questions to put to the group.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Not So Cold War

A few weeks ago Tom from Texas hosted a Cold War game at his houise using a portion of his his newly-acquired 1/87th scale collection of Cold War minis. The scenario posited that an assault by the Soviet bloc had been turned back and the NATO forces were on the counter-attack. The scenario was set at night and consisted of a Soviet recon unit covering a likely crossing point on a German river. The NATO forces had armored infantry supported by armor and motorized bridging units.

the field of battle, first the Russian side of the river

and the NATO side,
the unfortunate habit of rivers running through low ground meant that the NATO forces could hide behind some convenient hills during their approach

Monday, October 5, 2015

More VSF silliness

Not exactly VSF, more like "futurism" of the past. The Washington Post has some interesting illustrations like the one below at this link. Jinkies, I love airships!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

28mm Ironclads at Last

So, after literally years of building these silly things I have managed to get in a game. It is based on our old mythical VSF campaign of Daftrica. The German colony Deutsches Ost Daftrikan Organization (a.k.a. D.O.D.O. for short) was based at the original colony of Kaiserinport. This issued into a large bay grandly titled Der Kaiserin Zee. Below you see a map of the area.

The scenario is this; the Prussian Crown Prince is touring the colonies when a war breaks out in Europe. The news of this is passed along the telegraph line to the colony but there is one glitch; the cable is routed through a French colony on its way to Kaiserinport. The French had word of the impending conflict and have interrupted the cable service, leaving the Germans without a clue. The French have used the time to assemble what they consider to be a preponderance of naval force to interdict the return of the Crown Prince to his home.

Yesterday a fast mail steamer slipped past the French blockade and the news was delivered to the Crown Prince. He has resolved to use the forces at hand to return to his homeland to join in the fight (the armies are commanded in his absence by his septuagenarian half-wit uncle) or die trying.

As the sun comes up a French picket boat is seen flying a flag of truce in the Kaiserin Zee, assuming that the French intend to surrender the Germans begin to raise steam and  investigate this development.

the French picket boat approaches

Monday, September 21, 2015

D&D Update #3: Time Changes and Other Stuff

Hey yo,

It's your friendly neighborhood Dungeon Master, giving a bit of an update on what's going on.

First, regarding the Friday and Saturday groups. I think at this point with the way things are going, I'm going to split up the Friday and Saturday groups. This is largely because the Friday group has grown out in such a way that trying to allow the groups to mix is ultimately not going to work in the long run, and is more of an active hindrance to doing larger adventures. So at this point, I'd rather call a clean cut between the two rather than tying both groups down to each other. For the most part, this is a message to the Saturday group (since you are the ones who actually follow the blog), though I'm sure you'll meet up the Friday group sometime in the future.

After their inevitable descent into super-villainy, of course.

Secondly, I've had a few people come to me with scheduling problems for this upcoming week, so I'm going to tentatively move it back to Friday, October 2nd, 2015. I find this to be an added bonus, since I recently got a rather decent-sized order of new miniatures because of actions taken by the Saturday group, and this gives me a bit more time to finish painting them up. With an extra week, we might well have a game that has only painted minis!

Mmm... Painted Minis...
Thirdly, something that I've been working on but haven't fully gotten around to completing is a "Skills Guide" that gives everyone some ideas as to what you can do, rather than me just telling you. The guide isn't meant to be completely comprehensive, so if something isn't necessarily on there, it doesn't mean you can't do it. I'll try to send that out by Wednesday (I'm doing some editing, but it's close to finished) by email, so you guys can give me some feedback as to anything you'd want to include on there.
This could be you!
If you have any comments, questions, or criticisms, please leave them in the comments below!