Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Leipzig update

Players, and interested observers:
It seems that I have missed some of your email addresses, if you have not gotten an email from me with Tom's new address please send an email to me at daftrica89@yahoo.com with the title "Leipzig location" and I will send you Tom's address in a reply. We are aiming for 0900hrs Saturday 5JUL14 as a start time so you all will have to control your intake at my party on Friday!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Markings and identification

Hello all,

A quick note from Tom, seconded by myself.  Everyone bringing figures to the big dance, please include some sort of marking, say on the bottom of the stand, to facilitate repatriation after the fact.  In these sort of games, the figures just melt off and tend to get lumped into pools-o-dead in any handy woods or BUA.  Trying to make sure everyone gets back what they put in gets to be a nightmare without some sort of markings.

If you thought you were done with a couple of weeks to go, think again. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Last of the Russians in Silesia

8th Corps LtGeneral St. Priest
                    All Battalions are 8 figures except as noted, all cavalry regiments are 8 figures. 

More Russians in Silesia

 Langeron's Corps, he leads the attack on the 16th, therefore he is there. 

Russians in Silesia

Russian 11th Corps  LtGeneral Osten-Sacken
                    All Battalions 8 figures unless noted, all cavalry 8 figures unless noted

Blucher's Baby Elephants

And Now we begin the story of Blucher and his babies. 
                  All Prussian Battalions 12 figures, All Prussian Cavalry 8 figures. 
The Army of Silesia  General der Kavallerie Blucher

Friday, June 6, 2014

Maps Part Deux the "Western Front"

Also known as the Lindenau Front, directional instability has struck again and North is at the bottom, Leipzig is off-table to the left.

Proposed map of "Northern Front"

I have been trying to boil the maps down into a game-table version. Here is my current map for the Northern Front. For reasons known only to me North is at the bottom of the page.