Saturday, February 7, 2015


  There is a new gaming convention on the horizon, it isn't until February but it is always best to mark your calendar early to save the date.

    It is a convention that is new (to me at least); Flintcon is scheduled for 7FEB15 running from 08:00hrs until 23:30hrs at St. Paul Lutheran Church located at 402 S.Ballenger Highway, Flint MI 48532. Entry is $8.00, again with no event fees, and there will be a flea market and on-site concessions. Contact them at of find them at their website or on facebook .


Monday, January 26, 2015

Dupuy de Lome didi it! Part IV Upperworks

I had decided that there would be a combined bridge/gun platform over the from turrets 
and a round gun platform at the rear of the superstructure

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Dupuy de Lome did it! Part Trois

Well, cladding the compound curves of the ram bow and stern took WAY longer than I figured but it is done at last and I am now ready to move ob to the funnels and other topside structures and fittings.

I have to say she looks much cleaner once my scribblings have been "plated" over

a slightly closer view, there will be wings on the superstructure carrying light guns

the bow turned out looking very VSF

the stern almost found me throwing the entire project into the trash-can,
 it was a nightmare to fit and trim

     Comments, criticism, helpful pointers are all welcome.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Dupuy de Lome did it; Part Deux

Heeding the remarks at TMP and wanting to make this model as "French" looking as possible I decided to add a pronounced ram bow. In checking online for pictures of the real Dupuy de Lome I have found that she didn't have a normal tumblehome, where the sides of the vessel slant inward from the waterline to the edge of the deck. Essentially she had a normal hull but the upperstructure  was very narrow one deck above the waterline producing a flat space along the middle of the hull. See the drawing below. The hull section in the upper right clearly displays this "step"  Considering the need to have deck space for figured I am unwilling to carve away more superstructure and will have to settle for a model vaguely inspired by the Dupuy de Lome

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Dupuy de Lome did it!

Inspired to go whole-hog on the French theme I took a look at the most iconic o French ship of the Pre-Dreadnought period ; the Dupuy de Lome Severe tumble-home, odd turret arrangement, too many funnels; she has it all!

This is what the test model looks like so far.

I traced the hull onto some blueboard 
but stretched the template another three inches to give the model a leaner look

Too Far Down The Rabbit Hole

After considering the input over at TMP I decided that this one was too far in one direction to be "fixed" to look French. Thus I decided to finish it as the ship of an "interested neutral" the particular nation to be determined later. So here is the battleship in its final form, if not its final configuration (she still needs life boats and ventilators).  In the background you can see my next effort, hopefully this will turn out more "French"!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Ship Happens, now in color! With alternate turrets

My lovely wife bought me the Proxxon hot wire cutter that I wanted for Christmas and it is everything that I had hoped it would be! I have been playing around practicing cutting blue board and whipped this bit up by accident.I ended up going with a French-inspired look with this one.

I will do a step-by-step when I build the next one, 
I just got all excited and built this one so quickly I had no time for photos

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

54mm War of 1812

This game was on the table next to the Return of Ragnar, I got some good shots but wasn't able to follow the action. It looked fabulous and the players were enjoying themselves.

general stuff

Just a collection of pictures from the con, not a lot of notes but they are attractive all the same
the Housemartin's "All Quiet on the Martian Front" game, cool models, neat scenario,
I understand that it didn't go too well for the Martians due to a series of unfortunate die-rolling

B'Maso! - Tip-Toe Through the Biergarten

My apologies for this being stuck in "draft" for so long that I can't remember too much of the game. This was another one of R.U.P.'s lushly pretty B'Maso games that involved a multi-layered scenario with multiple twists in the plot. I led the FFL force in an attempt to free hostages from the brewery office  (the yellow building with a parking lot in the upper right of the picture below). Of course things turned pout differently. My notes are open to revision by any player that recalls this differently, please reply in the comments section.
what we upon arrival, just one blind at the sentry post,
a couple more further into the compound

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merrry Christmas Everybody

I hope the past year has been happy and fruitful for all of you and that next year will be the same.

There will be a game at my place 27DEC14 1900hrs

Thursday, December 18, 2014

6mm acw at Battlefields

These sort of games always get me interested, they look so much like the old 3-D drawing in the Time-Life Civil War series that I start thinking about finally getting serious and painting the mountain of minis in my basement. A truly lovely game, Lowell Hamilton's games are always a delight for the eye. Once again I was busy elsewhere and unable to follow the action but it sure looked great!