Saturday, January 21, 2017

Spartacon!!! 2017 21JAN17

Set aside that weekend gentle readers, Spartacon is being held at the Lansing Center on 21Jan17. Colloquially known as "WeatherCon" as it is historically associated with some freak winter storm. The standard of the games are generally excellent, the auditorium is spacious and the staff affable.

I have been prevailed upon to reprise my 28mm Pre-Dreadnought game, which will occur in the afternoon session.


Monday, January 16, 2017

Crossfire, the Great War

Being a big fan of the Crossfire ruleset and The Great Wat I was easily convinced by Joe to give combining them a try. We made it easier for infantry to recover from pins and suppression and decided that tanks would be considered to be moving weapon systems that would have to take bogging checks.  That done I broke out my 20mm Great War terrain and figures and we gave it a go.

the notoriously daunting landscape of the trenches

Sunday, January 8, 2017

New Vessels completed and they join their fleets

     I had the chance to complete the models and pulled out the complete fleets for a quick review. Now all I have to do is stat out the new models, balance the stats of the two fleets and put together a scenario. All in two weeks.

     Take a look at the new additions and enjoy the spectacle of the entire collection of boats on display on the gaming table.

crew figures lend a sense of scale, I still need many more to fully staff my fleets

I do love rivets

the flying bridge makes the French boat look very top-heavy

but her captain is quite satisfied with her

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Something to Mollify Gary

     Sorry, Old Sarge. These aren't the giant flying bridges you were looking for (I tried, they made the models too top-heavy) but I hope this will keep you satisfied until I can build a full-sized battleship that can carry all that superstructure.

the Prussian went minimalist (or course)
 while the French were rather more extravagant

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Spot of Paint

I had a little free time so I threw a basic coat of paint on the models. I decided that the bigger, squarer one looked more Prussian than the elegant smaller model which, by default, became French. I am still tempted by Old Sarge's prodding to add a flying bridge to the French model. I also need names for these two. Suggestions are welcomed.

the funny part is that the hulls are exactly the same size,
 they were split longitudinally from one prefabbed hull, 
yet the black one looks much larger

Monday, January 2, 2017

Almost Ready For Paint

     I have been hammering away at the gunboats and have them almost ready for paint. This is the crunch-time. I have to finally commit to  which model gets painted into which navy. I am currently leaning toward the smaller one going to the French (it just seems to look French) and the other being Prussian.

the temptation to add a flying bridge to one  (or both) of these models is significant
I am constantly tempted to build something like this

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Further Progress on the Gunboats

     I had a quiet morning to work on the boats and have added railings to the superstructures, fabricated gun barrels and, well, essentially covered the models in rivets. The smaller one has taken on a French appearance while the larger one has a distinctly Nordic flair. Like I said before, I really don't plan these things they just evolve as I work on them. I didn't go into detail on the construction techniques, for anyone interested in such things check the page listed at the top of the blog "Adventures in Blue Board and Foam Core" (or just follow that link) for step-by-step on previous projects.

I have had problems with earlier models losing their barrels due to rough handling,
I needed a sturdier way to attach the gun to the turret, voila! 
a roofing nail hot glued into place solves the issue handily

Friday, December 30, 2016

Goodies That I Got For Christmas

     I have a wonderful daughter-in-law. She got me two very interesting books for Christmas this year, they embrace two of my favorite historical themes. First they both cover conflicts of extreme obscurity. Second, they cover Pre-Dreadnought naval conflicts. Needless to say I was excited the moment I saw them.

   Taking them in chronological order I will look at the  Sino-French Naval War 1884-1885 by Piotr Olender, published by Mushroom Model Publications out of the U.K. ISBN 978-83-61421-53-5. This covers the "almost" war that lead to France taking over Indochina (and thus to the U.S. involvement in the Viet Nam War eighty years later) from the decadent Chinese Empire. It gives an overview of the conflict to place the naval operations into perspective but keeps to the main focus of the narrative firmly on the naval operations. The book provides complete fleet lists and data on each vessel. Heavily illustrated with period drawings, photos, scale drawings of some of the ships and perspective sketches it will fire the imagination. I found the modern maps left a bit to be desired but I am very demanding that way. Lots of material for wargaming, highly recommended.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Return of the Giant Ships, Naval Gaming in 28mm (more or less)

     The redoubtable Ray Braemer has prevailed upon me to run a game at SpartaCon this January. Given that this is the one venue with enough square footage to allow a game of 28mm Pre-Dreadnoughts I offered to haul my fleets down to the Lansing Center and run a game.

     To put myself in the right state of mind I scrolled through the previous posts on the building and use of these giant models. In doing so I noticed a pattern that occurred in the games; the French lost. Stop your snickering! We are talking about the French Navy, not the army. The French Navy was one of the benchmarks used by the British for fleet comparison purposes, no Royal Navy, but they were pretty darned good! The Imperial Prussian Navy certainly didn't have the reputation that the French did.

      To redress this problem I have decided to add a few boats to the French Fleet. A brace of gunboats to be exact. See my initial ideas below.

as usual I don't really have a plan, I just start cutting foam

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

DONE! Danish Garden til Fods finished at last

     I discovered that I had all of my Christmas shopping done and nothing to distract myself from this project, so I sat myself down and finished the buttons and skin highlights then applied a final sealing coat of Armory Matte Finish spray.  Here they are in all their glory; The Danish Foot Guards.

I really must get over to and find some banners for these units I have been painting

3D scans of real forts (and other stuff too)

      The folks at Sketchfab are doing some amazing things with 3-d scanning, check out Fort St. Jago in all I need is a REALLY big 3-d printer and I'm off to the races!

you can manipulate the 3D image on their site, it is amazing!

28mm Laser-cut stuff

         OK, OK I know that laser cut MDF isn't a big story anymore.

         But this guy is making some truly lovely stuff at very reasonable prices and I feel that he deserves some recognition, take a look. And the prices are very reasonable!

I love the furniture........
I have to get some for the tavern we built out of foamcore ages ago

the windmill is delightful too