Saturday, April 11, 2015

Proxie Fight

Those of you awaiting my second gaming review (it will be Murat vs Austrians in Italy, 1815) will have to wait a few more days, those of you awaiting Anton's return only have another day or so to go. 

Combining Anton's illogical desire to build models with my one basic theory of gaming "if it is not obscure, it is crap"; I present my own attempt at a review of a gaming model kit. 

A few months ago I scored a deal on the 'bay' for two packs of Proxie Models ( "Mobile Artillery".  I paid $10 for both packs delivered.  Each pack contains three complete 15mm models (they do offer other sizes as well). 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

While the Ant(on) is away the House Martin will play

While Anton is off indulging his addiction to obscure stone structures in "Satan's Crotch" (Florida anytime between April1 and December1)  I decided to have a small game or two with my kids.  This first was a simple All Quiet on the Martian Front game with a small Martian force commanded by my 12 year old (2 Scout Tripods and 2 Assault Tripods = 700 points) taking on an entrenched American force commanded by my 7 and 10 year olds (10 preplaced land mines, 3 squads of Heavy Infantry, 1 Machine Gun squad, and 1 Platoon of Baldwin Mark III steamer tanks = 550 points)  There is no point system to account for placed land mines and letting most of the human units to be dug in significantly increasing their staying power so I have the Martians a 20ish% advantage to balance the scenario. 

On Turn 1 the Martians entered the board with two Scout Tripods and fired on a couple of blips but managed to miss completely then continued their advance which forcably revealed the blips one was a Heavy squad and the other a dummy blip. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Hawaiaan war canoes

The Housemartin has been dreaming about gaming the wars of King Kamehameha and looking for figures and boats to use.

I can't provide the minis but this guy certainly makes some stunning boat models, probably too pricy to game with but they are very inspiring.

Hawaiian Voyaging Canoe by Francis Pimmel
I lifted this photo from his website he makes many more types of boat....they are all superb!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

I have been waiting for these guys!

My favorite Aussie Bad Guy, Ned Kelley, is out in 28mm check out this picture (best of all, no faces to paint!);

From Great Escape Games
Other are available from Brigade Games

Now I want Outback to bring back their old d├ęcor!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


As I approach six decades on this planet there are fewer and fewer things that get me really excited but I got an email today that has me truly in a state. The National Park Service sent me a link to a laser-scanning survey of Fort Matanzas conducted by the University of South Florida. The documents that are part of this survey include a 3-D scan and model of the Fort as well as careful dimensional drawings. The quality is superb, the documentation excellent and best of all it is free!

an example of the superlative renderings from the USF report

You can download the entire report by signing up with or just view it on line.

Now I have no excuses for not building the model of the Fort that I have been going on about.

Best of all they are probably going to be surveying the CASTILLO soon!

I wonder if I could find somebody with a 3-D printer that could handle this..........

Sunday, March 8, 2015

New stuff from Reaper

     Justice&Rule and Honest Dan joined forces to buy the latest Kickstarter from Reaper minis. I am not generally a fan of these grab-bag collections of figures but I have to admit that this is one that I wish I had gotten on board with. J&R brought the recently arrived box of minis by to show off.

      I have always liked the quality of the sculpts of Reaper miniatures and these are very much up to standard. Molded in a semi-soft plastic they are superbly sculpted and elegantly detailed with excellent attention to proportion and balance. Frankly, I am astounded by them. A staggering value as well at an average cost of around a dollar a figure (and some are very large multi-part figures) the price is impossible to beat.

      So, with no further  ado, feast your eyes on just a tiny portion of the collection.

a dwarf with a frightful helmet

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Small Craft Advisory, making lifeboats and such

I have mentioned in several posts that I needed to add boasts to my model warships and never got around to adding them. I have fund a bit of time and decided to build them rather than adding another larger model. The materials needed are simple; heavy card stock and a strip of  one inch wide  balsa about 3/32 thick, a razor knife,  a pencil, a pair of scissors, and a ruler are that is needed by way of tools.

the first step is to draw out the sides of you boats on the card, 
I used sides that are one inch high

Monday, March 2, 2015

OK, OK,. Maybe I should stop

I got them all out and lined them up. It seems that I have gotten carried away with these crazy giant boats. Maybe I will go work on some Micro-Armor for a while!

Maybe even of 1/2400 scale Great War MicroNauts!

Anniversaries and all that

      As I sit here thinking (some insist I am napping) it occurs to me that there are some significant anniversaries this year. First there is the bicentennials of Waterloo and, in a more  parochial note, the Battle of New Orleans. More recently (as in only a century ago) strategic bombing first took place with the German Zeppelins raided London, the first submarine blockade was proclaimed against Great Britain, leading to the sinking of the Lusitania and  the Allies landed troops in Gallipoli.

      Some of these give rise to the idea of a memorial game or campaign. Waterloo has already been proposed by Tom from Texas with a short campaign as opposed to refighting the battle as it stood. The New Orleans campaign would be interesting as well, there were many options open to both commanders that would have greatly changed the outcome and there is also the first use of a steamboat in warfare! Frankly I find trying to game submarine warfare difficult to manage and rather distasteful (shooting at unarmed and defenseless civilians is something too much from today's headlines).

     Tom has offered to host the Waterloo campaign at his house which only makes sense as he has all the space we would ever need and the complete orbat for both sides. We need commanders for the British, Fernch and Prussian forces as well as players willing to push lead when a battle occurs. interested parties please reply in the Comments section. After we have completed the 100 Days campaign I was hoping to impose on Tom to host the New Orleans campaign as well. If that comes together we should be pretty well busy until the middle of summer.

     I lack the mins for a Gallipoli campaign but have been tossing around the idea of  building a Zeppelin or two and using Canvas Eagles to run a Raids on London game. That is still in the formative stages however.

      Anyone with ideas or the minis to host a centennial/bicentennial game that is wishing to  give it a go please contact me directly at daftrica 89 at yahoo dot com or in the comments section.

Happy Gaming !

Ogre, As much fun as ever!

So, we played Ogre on Saturday, it was a blast! We went over the rules and then ran the basic scenario so everybody had a handle on the rules. Then we played a monster game on four of the beautiful full-color boards using six Ogres and TONS of other units. The scenario I concocted was not very balanced and ended in a pretty lopsided fight but everybody had a great time. There is already talk of a campaign game! Playing the game re-enforced the impressive quality of all of the components of this truly MONSTER game, congrats to Steve Jackson Games on the attention to detail and superb quality of this edition of the game.


Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mars Attacks (Duluth?); An All Quiet on the Martian Front game

The Housemartin is a huge fan of the All Quiet on the Martain Front rules. I have to confess that I like the rules as well and find the models beautiful. I had built a rough fortification at Housemartin's request as he desired to try out the fortification rules.

       The design of the fort was based on the idea that the Martians have no naval presence to speak of  and thus the guns and turrets from warships can profitably be used to defend important points inland. The fort is an elongated hexagon with a twin-gun light cruiser turret on each corner. in the center  are a pair of towers; one equipped with range-finders and huge fans (to dispel the Martian toxic gasses), the other has a gun that shoots a thick mastic substance (think Liquid Nails) to cripple anything entering the surrounding earthwork.

     The Martians had several Assault Tripods, a heavy Howitzer Tripod, a couple of lighter Scout Tripods and a Slaver running as bevy of drones(?).

at the beginning of the game the 'Pods come into view

Battlegroup Kursk, After Action Report

Joe dropped by last Saturday and we ran a game of Battlegroup Kursk. The rules use an interesting activation/command system that is interleaved with the morale function. At first glance the tank by tank activation would seem to play slowly but, with only a limited number on command points to employ (often some units do not get to move every turn) and generous movement allowances, thing banged along at a snapping pace.

the situation on turn two, Germans trying to move on both flanks
 to force the Russians to give up some flanks shots