Sunday, February 19, 2017

Take That! You Martian!

     The humans have begun to make a proper response to the Martian Invasion. Having carefully examined the Martian technology Earth  scientists have determined that Martian sensors detect visible light only rather poorly and depend on electromagnetic sensors for a great deal of information. minor field testing has confirmed this thesis.
     A massive undertaking has produced two test vehicles that are equipped with new technology that blocks these sensors, leaving the Martians nearly blind in the intense Terran sunshine. These have been carefully disguised to handle the Martian's  limited sight in daylight and brought to the battlefield just in time to confront a significant Martian assault.
the Martian horde appears out of the dawn light

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Apologies but Not Excuses

     I have been failing in my duties as Editor here over the last couple of weeks. I trust that my cohort in crime J&R has kept you all enlightened and enthralled with his erudite postings. I have been updating the Neulandia Blog with the rules amendments to bring TMWWBK rules into a VSF  theme. That has been completed but I still have to complete the economic system. I hope to have this dome within the week and beg your forbearance until I can return to my usual duties as Editor.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

SpartaCon Picture Trove: Kadesh

Recently uncovered new photos of Spartacons, found within the ancient tomb of Ramathull III!

Okay, not so much. I left these in draft form so that Anton and Housemartin might add some quotes or captions to them. However, wonderful gamemaster Chris Maes deserves for these to be seen, so I'm just posting them. I do know that the Egyptians managed a rather solid victory against the Hittites, with a stunning flank march on the right side, stout fighting on the left, and a stunning individual combat victory by the Pharaoh himself and no one else.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Flintcon, Session Two Photo Extravaganza

Hey everyone, back with more pictures from Flintcon! Once again, I'm not giving full on reports of every picture, but a general feel of each game. Have a whole bunch of pictures, so I hope you are prepared.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Flintcon, Session One Photo Extravaganza


Hello! JnR here with a bonanza of photos from Flintcon! As one of the few in the group who made it out (Old Sarge and Joe managed to make it out for a bit), I decided to focus on taking pictures of the fantastic games that were being put on. Not only were there miniatures tables, but a Pathfinder Society room, a board game room, and a painting station! It was pretty great.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Upcoming Con Dates

Three months, three cons! SpartaCon is in the books, but we have two more cons coming up before we even hit Spring proper.

Flintcon 3 (THE REVENGE!)

When: 9 A.M.-11:00 P.M., February 4th, 2017


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

SpartaCon Picture Trove: Second Session

        Another plethora of photos from J&R, I don't know how he found the time to take these as he was busy assisting me with the game that I was running. I have no clue what the games were, or who ran them, so if anybody can provide some help there I would be happy to cation them to give credit to the guys presenting the games.

SpartaCon Picture Trove: John's Dreadnought Game

        My able and energetic assistant, Justice&Rule, during the 28mm Pre Dreadnought game managed to take about three times as many photos as I did. He is half my age so that will be my excuse! They are offered here without commentary as I have already outlined the game in a different post and, frankly,  I really hate typing. J&R captured many angles that I did not so enjoy this cornucopia of photos.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Spartacon Picture Trove: First Session

Hey all! More pictures from Spartacon 2017. Not going to be much in the way of commentary, but tons of pictures.

Battle of the Big Fleets, 28mm Pre-Dreadnoughts at Spartacon

        I took my fleets to Spartacon and ran a game on the vast floorspace they were kind enough to provide. We ended up with twelve players involved using thirteen vessels over about a thousand square feet of playing surface. Now all I need is a week for my knees to recover!

        The scenario is that the French Fleet is escorting a group of troopships to add to the forces attacking a Prussian colony. They expect to encounter only the local Colonial Squadron, to their surprise the Asiatic Squadron has shown up as well. The Prussians have no intention of allowing the French reinforcements to get through and have launched an all-out attack with their more numerous, but slightly inferior, forces.

the dashing French Admirals commanding (L to R)
the Charles Martel, the Dupuy de Lome, the Bec de Corbin and the Nemesis

the phlegmatic Prussian Colonial Squadron commodores,
 commanding (front to back) the Thor, the Panther and the Beowulf

the Asiatic Squadron admirals commanding (L to R)
 the Blitz, the Donner, the Seydlitz and the Gniesenau

Saturday, January 21, 2017

A Glimpse of Spartacon

          This year's Spartacon has come and gone. In the assembly hall of the Lansing Center we enjoyed the nicely carpeted floors and comfortable, well lit surroundings. I had the pleasure of playing in a re-fight of the battle of Kadesh in the early part of the day before running my 28mm Pre Dreadnought game in the afternoon session. Attendance was good with almost all of the player slots filled in both the morning and afternoon sessions.As I was playing in a game I didn't quite get the opportunity to get around and snap photos of all the games but here are a few that caught my eye.

Chris Maes and company presented the visually (and tactically) satisfying Battle of Kadesh  
using 20mm figures from Caesars