Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wargames Factory Amazons 28mm plastics

          Joe D. popped by the other day with a box of the new Wargames Factory Amazons and wass nice enough to leave some for me to photograph. These are some fine looking figures, the detail is almost on a par with anything that Immortal has come out with and is a far cry better than Wargames Factory's first releases (so if you weren't happy with the Gauls and Romans, don't let that put you off).

        They were tough to photograph as they are cast on a series of very small sprues so forgive my fat fingers appearing in some of the shots. The weapons are probably the most exciting part for me as they provide a full selection of "tools of the trade" for a Classical Period army, pikes, spears, javelins, assorted shields, etc. The figures themselves are well sculpted and proportioned with an athletic look rather than the bimbo proportions so often seen on other Amazon castings.

more photos after the break


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  1. Nice pics mate but as a future suggestion I'd mention how many are in each stack - say the heads for example, we know there are 6 on a sprue but you don't say how many sprues you received.
    Just a thought, you know how meticulously pedantic we gamers are - we sweat the details!
    Good work, though