Thursday, May 5, 2011

Plastic Soldier Company 1/100 scale Panzer IV

Yet another release from the prolific Plastic Soldier Company the Panzer IV model is another beauty. This kit contains five sprues each of one tank model. The optional parts will allow the building of the early short-barrel version as well as the later long barrel ones, it also includes the "schurtzen" that was attached to later versions to lower the damage from hollow-charge weapons. Molded in a light-olive platic the model boasts detail that is absent from some larger-scale models. It is cleanly molded without a hint of flash and only the faintest suggestion of mold-lines, these are priced the same as the previous T-34 model at US$29.95 for five models, at six bucks each they are an excellent value. I got mine from Michigan Toy Soldier Company in Royal Oak Michigan (they will do mail-order). Now on to the model.

                                          As always click on the picture for a larger view
Box front;

And back:

The front of the sprue;

And the back;

Details, jerrycans and spare track;


Turret top and hatches;

Close-up of the turret "skirt";

Close-up of the bogie and suspension detail. Look! Rivets, in 1/100 scale are cool!

I can't seem to say enough about the quality and level of detail on this new line of models from Plastic Soldier Company, I have been building model kits for forty-five years now and these are some of the best kits I have seen. I will have a build report on this kit as soon as possible along with painting and weathering the T-34 model and the PZ II, T-26 ans PZ II from Zvezda as well.

Highly recommended!!


  1. Wow first thought 29 plus bucks for one Pz IV. Hell I crapped my pants. But after going to MTS I see it is for 5 vehicles.. Kool stuff.
    John you where going to get me info on the new vests??? Amanda gets sworn in at the N.B.P.D on the 22nd... You remember when she was just a bump.. Where in the hell the 35 years go when we worked at the squad shop... :(((

  2. Gary, Good point I am fixing thextect now.

    The Lt. in charge of the SWAT team has been off the last week, he is back now so I will shake him down for that on Friday.

  3. Interesting looking at the first photo the hatch is for the early PZIV. That would be from PZIV D to F1 & F2. The give away is the small round hatch in the middle the driver's and gunner hatch. Also the early the first G's had them. Zevzda just release the 122 soviet howitzer. Amazing detail for 1/100 scale

  4. These appear to be scale reductions from the larger models, it is amazing what CAD design/controlled die-making machines can do in this tiny scale. Unfortunately for me I already have a battery of twelve 122s in 15mm, hopefully I can convinice somebody to loan me a sprue so I can review it.........

    RE body armor: We use Thin Blue Line, good stuff (so I'm told, I've never been shot, hope to avoid that issue if I can) decent prices. website:

  5. Nice! looking forward to seeing them put together.

  6. Rens,
    I hope to get then done this weekend, and get the other models painted as well. I will post the pictures as sson as they are done.

  7. The PzIV looks very good (as said: the details at 1/100 and CAD!) Can't wait for them to release the Shermans ;)

  8. RTengco, I too look forward to the M-4 release these are amazing models and are about half the price of the metal ones. I am predicting that it will revolutionize the hobby.