Thursday, May 19, 2011

AK-47 Republic Project Update 2

      Well, I finally had a little free time (and it almost looks as if the weather will cooperate this weekend for spraying, so they had to get built) and I have gotten my "Cubans in Angola" force out of the bags and onto the build table. There were a few tricky moments gluing the AA MGs onto some of the vehicle but they are all together. I have gotten most of the infantry and heavy weapons based as well so it is looking good for priming early Saturday morning and right away into painting. It isn't a particularly large force, but it is mostly professionals and regulars with some pretty heavy support.

     I am pretty well pleased with the Command Decision figures, plenty of action, good proportions but the MGs were fiddly to attach (although I have to say that I have yet to see a metal model in this scale that has well defined placement pins) and are likely to break off at a momnets notice. At least the wheels on the BTR-60 were cast on. All I have left is to mount the crews on the field guns and assemble the militia mortars.

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