Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Zvezda 1/100 T-34 model

Another of my aquisitions from Michigan Toy Soldier is the T-34 from Zvezda. Molded in a slightly garish green plastics little gem is a match for the other tanks from Zvezda . All of the bells and whistles are there, lug-nuts on the road wheels, finely molded engine grates etc. This appears to be another early war model; either a T-34a or T-34b (it is marked on the box a a "model 1940", I am never clear on Soviet tank designations), with the single large hatch and the shorter 76.2mm gun with the smaller gun mantle.  I again have to be thankful for an unusual version (there are lots of the later models and T-34/85 versions around). I think this will be serving with my Flames of War Finnish army as I understand that the T-34s that they captured were of the early models. At US$4.99 each they are very competitively priced. Well, enough of that, on to the pictures.

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the box

more pictures after the break

the back of the box

front of the sprue

the rear of the sprue

lug nuts on the road wheels

turret details

Again there is little more that I can add to these after you have seen the pictures, if you are doing early Eastern Front this is a must.


  1. John

    T34/76 Model 1940 with the shorter 76mm gun (not the F-34). Early version. Wide tracks and actually AT 9 compared to the F-34.


  2. This "shorter" 76,2mm gun was designed as L-11. All other versions of T-34/76 has F-34 "longer" 76,2mm gun. And after that Soviets produced only T-34/85 with 85mm gun. In early production was used D-5T 85mm gun and lately until end of the war and also after it they used ZiS-S-53 85mm gun.
    To the kit....Zvezda moulds looks very good. I hope that I got one too:)

  3. Thanks for the info, I knew there was an early version but didn't know the particulars. John