Thursday, May 26, 2011

Zvezda LAGG-3 model 1/144

It is becoming difficult to keep up with Zvezda (it might just be that I didn't know of them until just recently) but here is the LAGG-3. This is another early period model and a sharp looking kit it is. The lines seem to capture the shape of the original very well and the light details are well done, the kit is provided with both retracted and extended landing gear and a set of adequate (if uninspired) decals. As always click on the picture to expand it.

the box

more pictures after the break

the front of the sprue

the back of the sprue

the decals

Please don't take my lack of enthusiasm for the decals to mean that they are not of good quality, they are this and well made. I simply mean to say that I am willing to bet there were some interesting paint jobs applied to Russain aircraft during the war, why not include one or two versions.

Another highly recommended kit.

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  1. Nice review of the aircraft. Check your email sent you three pictures of the PzIII. Got two more but not sure if the file size is too large.
    The picture where taken with my canon power shot SX130. These picture where take in auto mode.