Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Zvezda 1/144 scale Stuka

While stopping by Michigan Toy Soldier today I found that the Zvezda Stuka had come in. I, of course, had to get one for "research purposes". Crisply molded in light gray plastic this little beauty captures the look of the infamous JU-87 quite well. I was surprised at how they had managed to reduce the number of pieces to eight, you could build a whole Luftflotte in an hour or so with these babies. This model is not as well detailed as the tanks, which are in a considerably larger scale, but I am pleased with the look. To add details in this scale often ends up with grossly over-exaggerated rivets and such. A big plus is the inclusion of decals, nothing exciting but good basic markings.

the box

more pictures after the break

the back of the box

decals, they look very thin


the other side of the sprue

    Not a model that you would choose if you are thinking of entering a scale modeller's contest, but a fine workable model for wargaming. I will be buying several more for FoW Africa Korps force.



  1. John,
    Check out ebay for 1/100 scale aircraft. You will be surprised how many kits there are. Plus the kits usually go fairly inexpensive. Got a my Zevzda Panzer III built and paint. Will try to send you some picture. Going to give them to junior.


  2. Gary, e-mail me some pics and I will post them here. I just picked up the LAGG, Me-109, Il-2 and T-34 from Michigan Toy Soldier. I will post them when I get a chance to photograph them.