Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hail Caesar the first test; scenario for game UPDATED

        I decided to keep the terrain as simple as was reasonable as we are just learning the rules, so each side gets a hill and a woods to anchor their flanks; the woods are dense  and the hills are easy going. See the masterfully crafted diagram below;

I created armies for the Galatians (an eastern branch of the Celtic peoples) and the Greeks. I confess that these armies are probably not very representative of the historical prototypes, in my defense we are trying out the rules so I wanted to throw as much different stuff on the table to see how the special rules add flavor.

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  The Galatians
                                 Three warbands, Eager; Wild Fighters
                                 One unit of chariots; Eager, Wild Fighters
                                 Three units of Heavy Cavalry; Eager, Wild Fighters
                                 Two units of Light Infantry,

The Greeks

                                  One unit of Spartans; they have every special rule that might apply                            
                                  Two units of Athenians; not nearly as good as the Spartans, but still tough
                                  Two units of "Subject Hoplites"; these guys would rather be at home
                                  Two units of Psiloi; one javelin armed, one sling
                                  One unit of Thorikatoi; armored light infantry with long spears and javelin
                                  One unit of medium cavalry; not very good

I am still working out the details of the Special Rules for the Greeks, I am tempted to use every Special Rule that I think might apply to the Spartans, Brave, Steady, Phalanx, Long Spear, Drilled,  etc. etc. My concern is that they may be very hard to play as we would spend a lot of time looking up special rule effects. I also threw in some less than enthusiastic "Subject Hoplites" to see how lower grade troops will play. The Thorikatoi are hard to model in the rules (not having played them I am not certain what Special Rules should apply) they were historically lightly armored and were armed with a large shield and a long spear as well as several javelins, the idea being that they would act as a link between the Hoplites and the Light Psiloi, hopefully I have it right.

The Galatians have chariots much like the British listed in the book, I have upped the stats a bit as they were known to be rash (by Celtic standards, that is really saying something) and willing to close to combat. I have also given them more cavalry than they ought to have, largely because I want to see how they will play and to offset my smallish amount of  Warbands.

     Well it is too darned hot to mow the grass so I have some free time. Here is the full lists for the game.


     One unit of Spartans: Heavy Infantry, Brave, Drilled, Elite, Long Spears, Phalanx, Steady, Stubborn, Tough Fighters, Valiant. Yeah, I went a little crazy on the Special Rules, if this tanks I will take full responsibility.
     Two units of Athenians: Heavy Infantry, Brave, Drilled, Long Spears, Phalanx, Stubborn
     Three units of "Subject Hoplites": Heavy Infantry, Drilled, Long Spears, Phalanx
     Two units of Greek Cavalry: Medium Cavalry: Drilled
     One unit of Thorikatoi: Light Infantry, Long Spears, Marauders
     One unit Psiloi: Skirmishers, Marauders
     One unit Psiloi: Slingers, Marauders


     Four Warbands: Medium Infantry Warband, Eager, Fanatic, Wild Fighters
     Three units of Heavy Cavalry, Eager, Fanatic, Marauders, Wild Fighters
     One unit of Chariots: Eager, Fanatic, Marauders, Wild Fighters
     Two Units of  Light Infantry: Marauders


As you can see from the artfully taken photos my earlier map is nearly perfect. I have deliberately loaded up on Special Rules so that we can get a feel for how they change the character of the units.


                                                                                                       Keep Painting!    John


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