Thursday, June 9, 2011

Building the Zvezda 1/144 Lagg-3, IL-2, Stuka and Me-109

I was going to do these all as separate items but there is so little to report I decided to lump them all in together.

As I have found with prior Zvezda kits the fit and finish was near-perfect, only the slightest trace of mold-lines to remove. I did cut away the locating pins as I intended to glue them rather than relying on the snap-fit to keep them assembled. I must confess that I was amazed at how tightly these models fit, I have built models in MUCH larger scales that did not come anywhere close to the tightness of fit that these kits display. Well done Zvezda!

First the ME-109; the only thing that was less than perfect was the fit of the retracted landing gear into the opening provided in the wing. I had to do a little bit of trimming to get the part to fit in place. As all of these were going to be "flying"  models I removed the propeller blades from the spinner.

further info and more pictures after the break

Now the Stuka, one thing that I have noticed is that plastic kit manufacturers have become aware of the fact that mere humans have to build these kits and have included litle thing that make our lives easier. One of these it the "Neat Little Nub" It may simply be a part of the mold-making process but I like to think that they did it on purpose. Essentially it provides support it the sprue when you are cutting the part free to avoid damaging the part, it is  easier with pictures, see below.

It certainly captures the look of the original.

Next were the two Russian birds, the IL-2 and the LAGG-3, both of these kits exhibited the same high quality and fineness of fit that the other kits have and both certainly match the originals. I am pleased that they chose to do the IL-2 single-seater as there is a 1/144 two-seater from Battlefront already on the market and nobody at all does a LAGG-3. These kits have just a touch more surface detail than the German kits and both possess tiny, fragile aerials and gun barrels, perhaps to fine for a wargaming piece. Lovely anyways.

Not bad for a half-hours work

A preliminary coat of war-paint

So a bunch of neat kits that are dead easy to build, with any luck I can get them painted this weekend.

                                                   Keep Painting,   John

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