Tuesday, June 28, 2011

UPDATED Weekend Schedule

UPDATE:  Tom has called saying he is in town and will be available on Friday and Saturday (maybe Sunday as well). 

The Current schedule is as follows:

FRIDAY   9am             B'Maso;  The Rescue of Garfield Shavanje,  Terrorists vs Rhodesian Police
                 1pm ?          Break for lunch
                 2:30pm        Barroom Brawl
                 4:30-5pm    Hail Caesar,   Byzantines vs Slavs (maybe Rus....I have yet to decide)
                                    Maybe a little Wings of War after the Hail Caesar game. if there is time.


                9am          Wild West Shoot Out
                11am        Daftrican Colonial, The Quest for the Golden Bhudda
                2:30pm     Lunch
                4:30pm     Black Powder Napoleonics, The Fight at San Isidore, French vs Spanish

I will lay on for Bagels, OJ and coffee in the AM, there are some decent local restaurants for lunch. I guess we will wing it for dinner (either going out or ordering in) as the spirit moves us.

 I am hitting Costco to get supplies for the 4th on my way home on the 30th I will be buying Mike's Hard and beer & wine, contact me if there is a brand you like and I will try to get some.

Tom F., the wargames guru of San Antonio, will be in town over the weekend preceeding the 4th of July. To celebrate this event I would like to lay on as many wargames as we can stand on Friday and Saturday. Anybody interested in flashing back thirty years when we all could game all day and night either put a note in the comments section or drop me an e-mail or phone call.

As usual I am the worst planner in the world and haven't set a schedule yet but here are some of the games that I was planning on putting into the mix; Blackpowder Napoleonics, Hail Ceasar Ancients (Byzantines vs Visigoths), Wings of War, Wild West Shootout, Daftrican Colonial, and (if I can lean on Pat) Space Hulk and perhaps a game of B'Maso.


  1. I think I can get the next game of B'Maso! together but I might need one of the new buildings painted.....

  2. If you can drop them off today after I get home from work I can prime them and then paint them tomorrow evening. Do you think I could convince Danny to bring his tavern model for a round of Barroom fighting?

  3. Ok. I am going to use the two over your house already in the game, so I'll just bring the one over that I need. I'm sure Dan would bring it down for a game. I'll text him and let you know.

  4. Let me know what the schedule is going to be. Might be able to do Friday and Saturday. Demands on what the colonel wants to do on the weekend. Got most of the bases for Hail Caesar created.


  5. It's Garfield Shavanje (I think I spelled it right). If we are writing a book about the guy, we must get his name right.

  6. I'm going to see how early i can skip out of work Friday. Maybe I'll be there before lunch

  7. @ Justice and Rule; corrected (I guess) the spelling.

    Patrick, I got all of the remaining buildings into a workable state, they aren't fully finished but they will do.

  8. Lost power. Got the sump pump running just in time
    the whole neighborhood has no power.