Friday, June 10, 2011

A little warpaint, painted 15mm WW2

Looking at the expanding pile of plastic models that I have acquired in the last few months it occurred to me that they needed paint. The weather being cooperative I decided to give them a dash of color and took them to the garage to be sprayed. Upon seeing them base-coated I was swept up in the moment and ran them back to the paint-shop for a quick "factory-fresh" paint job, the results of which you see below. I now have to get the decal situation squared away and I can move on to the decaling and weathering steps. I will do a bit about Future Floor Wax and decals when I am finishing these kits, it really does a smashing job of fixing decals to a model.

Comments, criticism, cheers and jeers are all welcome.

base coats and details

The Krauts just loved their hand-tools on the fenders

the colors are a little garish, after washes and weathering they will calm down a lot

a guy could learn to hate rubber road wheels

the crews will be painted later, I might just pull the out to do so

the Zvezda IL-2 (left) next to the Battlefront IL-2, they match well for size and shape

I'm not sure which stand I prefer, for gaming the the lower one might work better


  1. They look good but how about another ak47 update?

  2. I agree. More AK47 would be dandy!

  3. AK47 is super number one the best!

  4. Hey, I want to be Steve.

  5. Shutup! You're Kyle!!!

  6. OK, OK, Pat!

    In fact I just finished base coat paint jobs on the T-54s and I am starting on the BTR-60s, photos to follow.