Tuesday, June 14, 2011


OK, OK, I am an idiot when it comes to scheduling things.........this I am well aware of. There will be no game 18JUN11 at my house. Sorry for the late notice.

I am attempting to rectify this matter, perhaps we can meet on Thursday 16JUN11 at 1900hrs?

Please respond in the comments section if this is a workable scenario......

Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa........

(I will try to put together a coherent schedule over the next few days that lasts through the end of July. Maybe if I post far enough into the future the conflicts will appear sooner and we can avoid this last minute nonsense.)

                                   Keep Painting,   John


  1. LOL... Life is like a box of chocolates:).. My problem is CRS. Sorry I missed the Hail Caesar game. Sounds like a great system. Have been building movement stands for Hail Caesar. Along with a some T34's from Plastic soldier. If I can get off my can I will take some pictures..


  2. Bad form old sort, bad form I say! Not being to keep one's schedule is damned ungentlemanly sir!

    This of course leads me to a vociferous comment about this blog that i must write with a heavy heart, my only hope being that the nobility of purpose shall guide me hand in writing it.

    Unfortunate as it may be, i find myself quite disappointed, as of late, regarding the contents of this fine gazette. One cannot help but think that for a man so suitably mustachioed as yourself would not have forsaken the brave lads that march proudly to face the enemy with the Colours fluttering overhead in the breeze for such an assortment of motley modern machinations of mechanical mayhem. For shame i say good sir, for shame. It is due to this recent and not so recent lack or Victoriana and other such worthy avenues of pursuit that i now compose this, albeit long winded, criticism. Surely one such as yourself, possessing of a none to inconsiderable artistic talent, could find a much more suitable vent for the aforementioned than some doldrums of dabbling dreary dirt and dust upon vehicles that are painted so that, dare I say it, they may HIDE from their foes?!?! Would it not be far more rewarding to sate ones appetites for beautifully painted valiant warriors in miniature by procuring a set of the gallant and skillfully sculpted Hussars by perry miniatures or perhaps even a representation of the brave lads in scarlet themselves?

    In closing, please do not take this in any other way then as what it was meant, a friendly comment. I leave you to consider the soul, as I leave you with the question would it not be more vehemently fulfilling, a bayonet charge into the teeth of the enemy's guns than this nonsensical smattering of sissified steel shod sillyness?


    Brigadier Sir Buckingham Frogmorton, esq.

  3. Brigadier Sir Buckingham Frogmorton needs to get a life.

  4. You know. posting is really a pain in the ass on this blog