Sunday, July 3, 2011

Still More from Zvezda 1/100 or 15mm Katyusha, BT-5 and SDKFZ 251

Just in from the fine folks at Michigan Toy Soldier three new items from the prolific Zvezda.

Yet again the fine folks at Zvezda have provided gamers with more tasty morsels in the form of a BM-13 Rocket Launcher (more commonly known as a Katyusha) a BT-5 light tank and a German SDKFZ 251 halftrack. These are up to the usual standards with rivets and lug-nuts crisply cast on all of the vehicles. At 26 pieces the BM-13 is probably pushing the limit on snap-tight models but I care little as I will be gluing mine together. The pictures will speak for themselves so I will stop now.

The BM-13:

the box-art is well done

The sprues:
at last a Katyusha model that won't end up super-glued to my fingers

lug-nuts.... ya gotta luv 'em

nicely detailed rockets and launcher bed

very well done chassis

detailed leaf-springs

and engine vents

The BT-5, this is another good early war choice as there are few models made of this tank (and most don't have tracks that look nearly as good as these do). They even did rivet detail on the bottom of the model.

neat box art, you get a sense of speed 

the back of the box

front of the sprue

the back of the sprue, note that they accurately show the suspension

yes, bolts and lug-nuts

rivets on the underside, you just don't see that on most wargaming models

Engine grilles, nice

And last, the SDKFZ 251 another excellent choice, few things say "German Army WW2" like a Hanomag half-track.

well done box art

the back of the box

the front of the sprue

the back of the sprue

more lug-nuts

one -piece tracks and bogies, how nice

Once again I have to say these are excellent models and, at $4.99US, they are an excellent value.

Very Highly Recommended.

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