Sunday, July 24, 2011

Conquest Miniatures 28mm Norman KNights

     Just in from Michigan Toy Soldier I have these Norman Knights from Conquest Games. Famous for conquering Saxon England under William the Conqueror the Normans were active for a period of several hundred years and as far away as Byzantium and Spain. These figures will have many uses.

     They are very nicely cast in a solid gray plastic with excellent detail and many options. They avoid the "giant hands and faces" syndrome that afflicts so many 28mm figures these days and the horses are quite good. From a wargames standpoint I could happily pass on the downed knight in favor of a couple more usable minis. The box art is lamentable and I overlooked the box on the shelf even after I was informed of their presence by a store employee. Anyways, on to the review.

first we have a look at the high-tech Anton's Blog photo studio



contents of the box



the command sprue front, note Bishop Odo with his cudgel

command sprue back

very nicely done but of limited use

not just chain mail, nice

hands are in proportion and the swords are finely cast

crisply done heads, they provide more than you need, a neat touch

more faces, you can almost see the confidence

even the back of the shields are detailed

good looking horses

the horses might just be a little small and not shaggy enough

All in all an excellent first effort and a good choice of subject (plastic 28s being currently overrun by Romans and hairy barbarian types).

Highly recommended.

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  1. Thanks for the detail shots. I wonder how well these work with the Fireforge range...

    The subsequently released infantry can be interbred nicely.