Monday, July 4, 2011

The shot of the day

       Over the weekend we had a little game-fest in honor of our friend Tom's visit from the wild south-west of San Antonio Texas. We didn't get in quite as many games as we had planned and the schedule got pretty well FUBARed, but it was a blast.  There were many memorable moments over the weekend but the topper was this one; late in a game of B'Maso where the scenario was the attempted rescue of captured ZIPRA guerillas from the custody of the Rhodesian Police, the Police were hauling the guerillas away in an armored Crocodile APC when Tom turned his sole remaining RPG loose from across the table. An unlikely shot in the best of circumstances it promptly struck home disbaling the APC and forcing the Police and their captives to bail out. This led to some exciting moments as the ZIPRA tried to free thier colleaugues and the Police tried to escort them from the table. The Police succeded in the end, but only just.

   I will be posting a few more photos of games soon.


  1. still waiting on those hospital shoot-out pics...

  2. Sorry about the delay, they game is up and posted now.