Sunday, July 31, 2011

AK-47 Republic update, These little piggies went to Africa

     Pat T, one of the moving factors behind the AK-47 Republic project, has built his armies around the boxed sets offered by Peter Pig; who also happen to be the publishers of the rules. I have a fair number of Peter Pig minis in my collection and have always thought them to be excellent. This line holds true to that tradition. Elegantly molded, realistically posed and cast in high quality metal these are some darned good miniatures. During a recent game I snapped some shot of Pat's troops, enjoy.

a militia unit with HMGs moves into the woods

The fearless leader stops by in his 4x4

sometimes it is safer to inspire the troops while on foot

the Peter Pig T-55 (on the left) next to the Command Decision model

PP infantry

PP (on the right) vs Command Decision

more militia troops

Mine Resistant Vehicles, I think these are Buffaloes

sharp looking kits crisply cast 

Ferret armored cars saw use nearly world-wide

the ubiquitous technical

Unimog trucks in convoy

lots of technicals 

Panhard armored cars
what price glory?

PP makes some neat K.O.'d vehicles to use as objectives

     Peter Pig makes some fine figures, rather more pricey than Old Glory's Command Decision Range but competitive. They also address a far wider range of post-colonial troops types and vehicles, Well worth a look.

Highly recommended.          John


  1. We should have taken pictures of the actual game...

  2. nahh, pretty models are reason enough.