Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Don't Forget Upcoming Event Peninsular Wars Kalamazoo 30JUL11

I got this in an e-mail. Peninsular Wars is a fun event, I have gone several times in the past and enjoyed myself immensely. The Air Museum is nice too, make a weekend of it!

Make it if you can, full info below.

From: Tom Bryant <>
Date: Mon, Jun 13, 2011 at 12:08 PM
Subject: Peninsula Campaigns 2011: The Emperor Goes To The (Air)Zoo!

Hi Everybody!

June 12, 2011: Peninsula Campaigns is on the move again! This year we are
proud and pleased to announce that the convention will be held at the
Kalamazoo Air Zoo. The Air Zoo is an air museum on the grounds of the
Kalamazoo International Airport. It houses many historic and noteworthy
aircraft and exhibits. It includes an onsite café and is conveniently
located off I-94.

The convention will be held on July 30, 2011 and will start at 9AM and
continue until 7PM. As in years past there will be two sessions. The first
session will got from 9AM to 1 PM and the second session will go from 2PM to
6 PM with a one hour set time in the morning for the dealers and early bird
attendees. There will also be an hour at the end of the night to finish off
the last game and pack up.

As in years past, we will have many “Old Guard” GM’s returning who have been
the core of our success we are always looking to add new faces as well. If
you are interested in running an event please see the CONTACT section below.
We would also like to add some small tournament or demo events like DBA and
Flames of War. If anyone is interested in running these events please get in
touch with me. One thing that may be of interest is the fact that we have
some 4’ round tables available for those who wish to use them as well as the
standard 2.5’ X 6’ long tables. Please consider this with any events that
you may be planning or have available.

We are also looking for dealers. At this time I have a couple of returning
dealers from last year but I am looking for other interested parties to come
in and sell their wares. If you are interested, or know of anyone interested
please contact me.

Admission for Peninsula Campaigns will be $10.00. The admission for children
12 and under will be $5.00. The convention will run from 8 AM-7 PM with
events going on all day. We have been scheduling events in two time slots, 9
AM to 1 PM and 2 PM to 6 PM close. However, if other times work for you
please let me know. All I ask is that no event starts before 9AM and that we
can conclude activities by 6:30 PM at the latest for final cleanup and tear
down. We will be having a flea market area that will be available for $5.00
per table. If there are any dealers interested in attending this one-day
event please contact me below. Dealer tables will be $25.00.


I took this event over from Tod Kershner in 2006 and it has been a blast.
However, with all the hours I’ve had to work over the past year I haven’t
had as much time to devote to planning and running this event and I could
greatly use your help in a number of areas.

First off SPREAD THE WORD! On the Peninsula Campaigns Yahoo group there will
be a flyer for this year’s event and a copy of this press release in
Microsoft Word and PDF format. PLEASE Blog and post about this event! I
truly appreciate it. Please talk it up to your gaming buddies, particularly
if they are in the Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio areas.

You can also VOLUNTEER to run a game or tournament. I’d love to get some
Flames of War players to run a few games. I’d also like to see more
representation in the ancients and medieval areas as well. So please run an
event if you can.

We also could use some photographers out there as well. I KNOW many of you
are good (some a ton better than me) and I could always use the extra pics
in promoting the con. Desk volunteers to give me a chance to circulate and
run a game.

In the end, what we really need is you. If you are free on Saturday July 30,
please stop on by and play a game or two at the Air Zoo.


The Air Zoo is located at 6151 Portage Road in Portage, MI, halfway between
Detroit and Chicago. They are located off I-94 (exit 78), just south of the
Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport.


Please address emails with the following in the subject lines to assist me
in organizing things:
GM Offers – “(GAME MASTER) or (GM)”
Dealer Requests – “(DEALER)”
Mail address: 5120 Gay Street, Muskegon, Michigan 49441-5724
Phone: 231-286-1207

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