Friday, February 10, 2012

Someplace you should all know about (and visit)

Michigan's Own Military and Space Museum

Not really a wargaming topic but a really cool place to visit. Located at the southern edge of Frankenmuth Michigan, just off the I-75 . The museum has made huge efforts to collect as many Medal of Honor winners memorabilia as possbile. Every display has a history of the award and how it was won. It also has a lot of the souveniers from Michiganians (Michiganders? heck I have lived here my whole life and I am not sure which is proper) that have been involved in the Space Program. Very interesting, and inexpensive to boot!

They also have a large collection of items from the "Polar Bears" the US troops that fought in Russia after World War One ended in an effort to stop the rising tide of Communism

Take the significant other (they can go shopping - unless your significant other is REALLY cool and wants to see the museum as well) spend some time, the restaurants are good and the beer at brewery is excellent.

Go there, ya bum!

Here is their website;

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