Wednesday, February 15, 2012


     I will be out of town at my buddy Tom's place until Tuesday. I hope to have some pictures when I get back, but if I can score some computer time I might generate a post or two of the games in progress.

We will be doing Borodino in 15mm over a table of almost 200 sq ft.

It promises to be epic.


  1. It took almost a half-hour top load them from the camera to the computer. I have to sort them and will post them by game as I go.

  2. The Hero of Borodino eagerly awaits your post on the subject... and possibly editing it to make him look better.

  3. Hope you had a great time. Can't wait to see the pictures of Bordino. It has been 30 years since we did Waterloo. Since I am older than dirt I believe we used Empire II rules.

  4. Lots of fun was had by all... We will meet again you little Corsican egotist

    On another note: Are we gaming on the 25th Anton?