Sunday, February 12, 2012

Building the Plastic Soldier Company Panzer III g

        Now we will look at building the g version of the Panzer III. This up-gunned version saw use in the Western Desert and invasion of Russian. As in all PSC kits the molding and detail work is superb and the parts fit is excellent. The instructions are very poor despite being prinited in color on top-quality paper. I have alteady covered the hull and track assembly in the article on the Panzer III f so I won't go into it here, just follow the link.

turret parts ready to go, pay attention to the escape hatches as they are side-specific,
the vision block is on the side toward the front of the turret

this is the only technical flaw I have found in any of the PSC kits,
the part is too thick and the plastic shrinks leaving this unsightly divot,
 fortunately it is easy to fix with a tiny dab of putty

turret assembled and ready to have the gun installed

general veiws

note the escape hatch installation, vision block forward,
 with the sloping edge to the top

     Another great model from PSC, these really are just the best thing going right now in plastic gaming models and I think (at least for the sort of tank that you will want a dozen or so of) will rapidly displace the resin/lead kits in the market. If you are doing Early/Mid war Germans you really should take a look at this kit, I think you will be well pleased.

     Very Highly Recommended,   John


  1. Thanks for the really good reviews of both these and the Zvezda kits, which made me go out and buy most of them! I've just received the Plastic Soldier Panther, which looks really good on the sprue (haven't tried assembling it yet). I look forward to your review of that :)

  2. A quick note. The Turrest commander needs to be filed down a little. If not the turret will not go down all the way.