Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Building the Plastic Soldier Company Stug IIIg early model 1/100 15mm

   Having completed the F/8 I turned my attention to the next version represented by the PSC kit, the Stug IIIg early version. I will forgo the track assembly as you can find it here in my earlier note on the F/8.  In all the kit went together easily and cleanly, parts fit was exemplary with all parts cleanly cast and no trace of warping.

I decided to try joining the upper and lower hulls as a first step,
 this worked fine and made handling the tiny model a little easier

next step was mounting the main gun,
the multi-part assembly avoided the shrinkage problems seen in the Panzer IV kit

the gun fit tightly into the hull, you probably don't need to glue it, I did,
I guess that I am a "glass half empty" sort of guy

the superstructure rear and the hatches,
you need to install the rear panel to ensure that the rectangular hatch will fit properly

the superstructure rear panel in place

the rectangular hatch in place,
 the instructions were less than helpful regarding if this is the correct hatch,
or if it was installed properly (Wikipedia saved me again, I think)

it is difficult to see in the photo but there is a tiny depression in the cupola ring,
 this should face the rear

gun mounted and hatches on

the next step was the shield for the LMG,
I used tube cement for this as it would hold the part in place as it set

the LMG mounted in the shield, it is a very well-done gun

same thing, rear quarter view

the mufflers again

general views of the finished model

     Another sharp kit from PSC, this really is pushing the edge of wargaming models right up to the edge of fine-scale modeling and at gaming model prices (actually these are cheaper than most lead/resin kits).
    The instructions were nearly worthless but I already did that rant in the last post so I will drop it now.

     Very Highly Recommended,    John

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  1. Looks very well detailed; thanks for the review/build-through. I've got to get me some of these!