Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Weekend at Tom's

      Back from the trip to San Antonio and more than a little shell-shocked from the experience I am still sorting through the 400+ pictures that I took. I am going to do a full work-up on this event but I thought I would throw a few of the tasty bits up right now to give everybody a sample.

      Tom's new job will see him moving to New York City which leaves him with a very nice house in San Antonio that he will have to sell or put to other uses. His thought is to open a US Wargames Holiday Center sort of thing. He has literally tens of thousands of figures spanning the era from Classic Greeks to modern combat and doesn't fancy their chances in the loving hands of "the movers". This raises the question, Is there enough interest out there to support such an enterprise? He isn't looking to make a killing, just cover the house payments.

      Reply in the comments section if you could see yourself spending a weekend/week in San Antonio playing with toy soldiers and seeing the sights. There are plenty of amusements for the whole family so bringing the whole gang would be a great idea.

the Battle of Borodino about to begin

Justice & Rule's glory, holding the left flank against innumerable Russian Corps while Anton and Dan took the Great Redoubt and the Flèches.

Tom has ACW as well

and Italian Renaissance as well

the Axis and Allies 1/2400 scale models are neat, and the rules play lightning fast

a shot from the Black Hawk Down game

the building is the Game Room, the pool is very nice
(if a little cold for swimming in February)

the house overlooks the pool and Game Room


  1. Dang. I miss that black hawk down game...

  2. Do you want me to do some more specific battle reports? If you have the pictures for it, I could do a BR for Borodino in full. I could do the same for Leyte Gulf as well. Schools are out this week, so I got the time.

  3. J&R I am still sorting the photos. I could burn a disc or dump them on a thumb-drive this weekend. You are welcome to recount the glorious achievements of the French under your command at Borodino.

    I didn't get enough photos of the Leyte Gulf game (I was too busy having my fleet blown out from under me!) to do a decent AAR.

    The Blackhawk Down game got photographed pretty well so that is open for an AAR as well.