Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fireforge Deus Vult 28mm Foot Sergeants

      Following on the heels of the dismounted Knights sets come the Foot Sergeants box from Fireforge. Providing 48 figures at under a dollar (US) each is an achievement in itself but the fact that they are multi-pose and beautifully sculpted as well makes this an eve better deal. The figures are cast in a  dark gray plastic and the detailing is quite crisp. Figures are cast with the torso and legs as one unit allowing a variety of arms/heads/weapons to be used on each model. The box is the same sort of thin card that other European companies use (apparently they trust the shippers far more than Wargames Factory-whose box art is horrid, but the boxes are quite sturdy). Of course these are not just usable as Crusader figures they will work handsomely for any European foot troops of the period, a feature emphasized by the multi-part/multi-pose options this kit provides.

box art is evocative and atmospheric 

rear of the box is helpful with painting ideas

the contents

sprue side A

side B of same

nicely animated poses, nothing overdone however

and a goodly array of weapons, all crisply detailed

crossbows as well, I wonder if they would transplant onto Norman foot?

       There you have it; excellent quality, affordable price, tons of options. Now all I need is an army list for SAGA to go with them and I will be in business! Well, actually I need the OPFOR figures as well, Saracens are coming when??????????

        Very well done Fireforge, Very Highly Recommended!


  1. Great product. I have used some of the figures as Norman Crossbowmen and also crossbows for my Conquest plastic normans. They look great.