Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sorry about that folks

   Each year I am struck with a case of the doldrums (usually in my case it is late January/early February). This year it started upon my return from a Florida vacation to the crappy sleet and cold of a Michigan April I managed to play a few games and build one model but generally I slouched around and (heaven-forbid)  watched television (Marx was wrong; cable is pure heroin for the masses).

      I am happy to say that I have gotten over all that and will be back in action henceforth. Upcoming articles will cover the 28mm Perrys Bros Brits, the Deus Vult Foot Sergeants (also in 28mm) and a photo-essay of a small Spanish colonial fort that I visited in Florida.


  1. I miss the ship banner...but love the new double pistol packin' fella!

  2. I do change the header picture from time to time; for quite a while it was a Space Hulk Terminator, I just love the minis that come with the game.

    Fear not though, I am sure that ships will re-appear in the near future.

  3. Glad to see you posting again.. Love the pictures of the Fort.. HHHMM that would be good for Pirate game. Looking forward for more posts. Are the Brits 8th Army or Napoleonic .

    1. American War of Independence, they are very nice