Friday, May 31, 2013

A Fight in Lebanon The Scenario 15mm Rock the Casbah by Two Fat Lardies

      A couple of weeks ago, to mark Dan A's return from the Army, Rich Uncle Pat ran a Rock the Casbah game at his place. The scenario was an Israeli penetration into a PLO controlled area in Lebanon. Each side had specific, and potentially asymmetric, objectives as well as very different forces and capabilities. This promised to be an interesting game.

the table, 
Rich Uncle Pat (R.U.P. henceforth) does a lavishly impressive spread!
I particularly liked the the national flags at either end, 
it reminded me of those old movies that featured a map-board to show the viewer the situation 

the downtown district was packed with buildings, and likely ambush points

the PLO deployed on blinds
 (a great feature of the Two Fat Lardies rules as it avoids the "all-seeing general" syndrome)

the table from the other end, the large park on the right is soft/swampy ground

this area is a park, there are trees but little underbrush, 
 it does not significantly block line of sight/fire

some pretty decent fields of fire, 
too bad there weren't many heavy weapons to make use of them on the PLO side

what there WERE a lot of was basic grunts (and lots of dummy blinds to keep the Israelis guessing)

an older neighborhood , tons of cover and concealed movement pathways

the PLO had built a sturdy tank-proof barrier across the highway 
to force the IDF forces to use longer, more dangerous routes

like this one! an alley, 
please notice the R.U.P. has added trash-cans to the scene!

a hospital complex occupied one end of the park, a bit of a problem for the IDF as they had to respect it until they took fire for the area, the PLO of course had no such issues

     A couple of notes on the next section; at times you will see troops (or a blind) standing on top of a building with a small brown die next to them. This is because some of the buildings do not have internal floors (yet) and the die indicates which floor the troops occupy, Having tried off-table book-keeping of hidden troop locations I can tell you this is a much quicker and more elegant, method. Also some of the PLO assets were in buildings and on blinds, this creates a "double-blind" situation where even the blind is removed, effectively making the troops invisible.


  1. The Killer dozer... I hate the killer dozer. That was a fun game and time flew by..

  2. That 'dozer was proof-positive that the Westerners are in league with Satan!!!!!!!

  3. Where is the rest of the story! I worked hard 'psychicly' employing my rare (in that game) good dice rolls to bring reality of the mythic Kill Dozer. Now people have given its existence away and you have not told the story. Dagnabit I want color glossy pictures with a paragraph explaining each to do homage to the Kill Dozer story.

    Now Sir, NOW! Or you will suffer the WRATH of the KILL DOZER!!

    1. Forgive me kind sir, my humble typing skills and slow computer mean that this can only be done in installments. Patience is a virtue!

  4. That's a beautiful looking game, thanks for the pictures.

    1. The credit goes entirely to R.U.P. everything you see is his work (except for the scratch-built drone, my one tiny contribution). It must have taken hours to set up.

  5. The legend of the Kill Dozer simply cannot be overstated. It's like an even more devastating version of Mega Weapon.

    1. Kudos H.D. a "Warrior of the Lost World" reference!

      The Killdozer is even better than MegaWeapon cuz its got tracks!

    2. Well, Mega Weapon is somewhat handicapped in that the only weapon it has is a flamethrower that shoots maybe six or seven feet. I think Killdozer had a .50cal on top, though I don't think we ever actually popped the hatch to use it.

  6. Hello Again,

    Emphasis should be on the past tense, "it had a .50 cal" I did have the driver pop up and take a shot, but as soon as I did a sniper wounded the driver (naturally not seriously, it is the Kill Dozer afterall), and then in a swarm of RPG's the MG got blown completely off so the option became moot. But that just allowed to Kill DOzer to focus on its true threat matrix ... up close and personal with "the blade".