Friday, May 10, 2013

Perry Brothers 28mm British Center Company 1775-1783 American War of Independence

     Another treat from the talented folks at the Perrys Miniatures these were announced a short time ago. A good friend, Garrie H, was unable to wait for the U.S. distribution and ordered them direct from Blighty. He was kind enough to drop off a box for this review.

        The minis are up to the expected Perry standards (superb!) with the natural poses and proportions that are the trademark of a Perry sculpt. The uniforms fit and fold naturally and the weapons look to scale out correctly. Additionally the figures come with tricorns, rounds hats and helmets, allowing the modeler to build a large variety of the units serving in the Americas.  Now if they would only be so kind as to grace us with Continentals and French my day would be well and truly made.

box art, complete with the inevitable forest

back of the box

....and the contents, six sprues of soldiers, one of officers,
 a set of bases and a very good painting guide

a two-sided painting guide (complete with flags) comes with the kit

this is a top-drawer bit of work , the Perrys should be commended

command sprue side A

command sprue side B

a casualty

a close up of the officers

other side of same

side A of soldiers

side B of soldiers

ooohhh! details

way more hats than heads!

natural poses and equipment that looks like the soldier is wearing it 
as opposed to it being "stuck on" him after the fact is one of the aspects
 of Perry sculpts that I have always liked

      These minis are almost enough to tempt me into yet another period/scale. Anyone building a force for AWI should take a look as these are excellent models at a very good price (less than 85 cents US each).
Very Highly Recommended!


  1. I am planning on getting a couple of boxes of these. Thanks for the insight!

  2. Continentals are on the workbench!!